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Open Source: Node.js-Foundation could change project management

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Gadgets

Just a few days ago, the Node.js community's governing body (TSC) has denied dealing with a developer who has violated the code of conduct (Code of Conduct, CoC). The Node.js Foundation, which is the legal representative of the community as a consortium, has expressed its opinion after a meeting of the board of directors.

In an entry on Github, Mark Hinkle, on behalf of the Board, writes that two years ago, the TSC was explicitly granted a substantial degree of independence in order to allow the community to organize itself. Regarding the current dispute, the Foundation's opinion states:
"However, recent incidents have pointed out that the governance rules of the TSC are not sufficient to deal with situations such as these. In particular, individual disputes to the Code of Conduct often address the current rules to address the issues as to the ability of the Wide open source community to participate in the Node.js project. "
As a consequence, the Board of the Foundation is considering reorganizing the organization rules of the community, the community should not be able to overcome the current situation from strife and division with the existing rules.

Foundation Board calls for suspension
"The Board does not support antagonistic, aggressive or derogatory behavior in the community and leadership, and expects the TSC to enforce its code of conduct equally among community members, contributors, and leaders."
Accordingly, the Board calls on the TSC to re-examine the specific allegations. Likewise, the developer Rod Vagg, who has violated the CoC, is to be "suspended". And the board hopes that retired TSC members Anna Henningsen, Bryan Hughes, Myles Borins, and Jeremiah Senkpiel will help resolve the situation by consensus.
The Node.js community is currently planning to unite the TSC with the Core Technical Committee. The CTC has so far been mainly responsible for technical questions. If this idea were to be implemented, there would only be a leading body of the community, which deals with all decisions. Plans for this have already existed for a long time, and so far there is mostly approval for the implementation.
Next Monday, the 28th of August, the Node.js Foundation will once again address the issue and consider possible changes to the organizational rules, such as the merger of TSC and CSC.


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