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"Only" Second: Petrucci thought of saving money for Dovizioso

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | Sports

10. September 2017 – 18:19

Petrucci took 21 rounds in Misano before Marquez and Dovizioso

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(cafetheology.org) – So close, yet so far was the first MotoGP victory for Danilo Petrucci at his home race in Misano. The Pramac-Ducati driver had to give the top spot after World Champion Marc Marquez after his 21-lap lead in the final round. The Italian looks mixed with one of his most powerful MotoGP races. He secured the third podium this year, although he would have been able to lead the World Cup lead by a Ducati team leader Andrea Dovizioso. (The result in detail!) "I'm very mixed, of course, I'm very happy to be back on the podium in Italy, but I've played the race for the most part," a pensive Petrucci explained in the press conference after the race. Starting from eighth place he went into his second home race, already at the start he made two positions well. With some courageous mans against Johann Zarco, Maverick Vinales or Andrea Dovizioso he secured second place. By the fall of Jorge Lorenzo, Petrucci inherited the lead from the Spaniard in round seven. However, from this point onwards, Honda's Marquez driver was firmly on his neck. The Spaniard increased the distance to the Ducati to a maximum of half a second. "I was afraid," said the 26-year-old, "since the morning I knew the track was very slippery – especially in a few bends. When I took the lead after the fall of Jorge, I told myself that I was "Petrucci on Marquez's pressure:" It feels better on the sofa "He reports a very delicate moment eight laps before the race, when he took a big risk in turn 6. "I thought Marc would catch me, but after two meters, I knew Marc was too clever to move forward and set the pace, and I thought I'd give him the lead. But he was very strong already in the warm-up, so I did not want to lose the connection to him, so I wanted to stay ahead of the whole race, "Petrucci describes his tactics. On lap seven the Desmosedici was always in the lead in the TV picture to see. Marquez was able to control the distance from round seven (+0.201 seconds) to lap 27 (+0,035 seconds). "I did not want to push too much, the conditions were very difficult, so I just tried to stay on the bike and drive as fast as I could." Three or four times he had tried to increase the distance to Marquez because he knew about the Spaniard's strength on the last laps, but that was not possible. How it feels to be behind the current World Cup leaders and title defendants directly behind them spren? "If you lie on the sofa, it feels better," Petrucci must smile. He describes the fact that he did well at the start of the race when more water was on the track. "Perhaps my weight helped me in the traction, and then I had a bit too much effort in the first race, which made it harder," he admits.Petrucci speculated: "I was hoping Marc would think of the World Cup" Petrucci speculated that Marquez had come to his senses after receiving some warnings from his bike. "I was hoping he'd think about the World Cup and I will not attack." But he had been delighted. "In the penultimate round, he drove a great last corner, then he was able to overtake me in turn 1." The distance between the two was about 0.035 seconds. In turn 4 Petrucci saw a last chance to win the lead again. However, when he almost lost control of the bike, he got into second place. "My bike has only stayed upright, because I'm very big and held my knee against it." Finally he drove on the GP17 with a second deceleration behind Marquez. His Ducati colleague, Dovizioso, had already had the lead duo pulled a few rounds earlier. In the last ten races, his margin rose to the top from 0.971 seconds to 11.706 seconds. A change in the position of the market colleagues was therefore difficult – even though Petrucci would have helped Dovizioso to secure the championship lead. With place two and thus 20 instead of 16 counts, the Werkspilot now had four points ahead of Marquez. (To the world championship stand!) Petrucci wanted to pass him "I have to be honest, I have thought about it," Petrucci admits. "I was hoping Andrea would be close to me." However, the Italian dropped above the lead in the last four laps by more than five seconds. "I thought about it, but tried to overtake Marc until the third sector in the last round." Petrucci is of the opinion that Dovizioso can decide the world championship without his help. "Maybe I'll be even more important to him in the coming races." He adds, "I do not think it would be a good look for the championship when I give the position in the last round Until Thursday I said I wanted to help Dovi in ​​the championship, but if I had let him out in the last corner, that would have been unfulfilled. " Dovizioso agrees to his countryman in the press conference by saying, "Danilo has been an unbelievable race. It's nice to see him on the podium – second place." The Pramac-Ducati pilot felt like that Sunday in Misano reminded a little of the race in Assen, when he had been fighting for the victory with his buddy Valentino Rossi for a long time – and finished second. "I was trying to control the race, and I had a problem with Rins on the last lap in Assen, this time I had no problem – apart from Marc," he laughs. "I'm a bit sad because I could have won my first race, but Marc strker, he deserved the win," he said, sporting fairy and mischievous: "I always say that my best race will be the next In Aragon I will try again. "


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