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One – Touch Electronics: More Tire Damage in the Future?

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Sports

31. August 2017 – 11:29

Kawasaki uses the WSBK to improve the series Superbike

© Kawasaki

(cafetheology.org) – Behind the scenes of the Superbike World Championship seething. Due to the dominance of Kawasaki and Ducati the WSBK leaders are in the train and have to change something for the future. The introduction of unit electronics is regarded as a first step. Starting in 2019, the Superbikes are to be equipped with a uniform control unit according to the MotoGP model, which is operated with a predefined software. But not everyone agrees. Ducati superbike project manager Ernesto Marinelli warned against the consequences and mentioned the disadvantages of this system. And also among the drivers there are not only advocates. "I'm not a friend of it because the manufacturers are investing a lot of money in the championship," commented Kawasaki factory spokesman Tom Sykes in conversation with 'cafetheology.org' and explains: 'Everything that is developed here flows into the series products "I think it's not the right way to go, so manufacturers are losing the chance to develop new technologies for their customers." The Briton is concerned about tire damage. There were some dangerous incidents during the current season, because the Pirelli trailblazers could not stand the strain. "These tire problems are obviously not a one-time thing, and the people responsible for the series should look at it and think about how to ensure the safety of drivers," Sykes says. "If there is a unit ECU, the tires will get even stronger "We should look at other areas and do not constantly change the rules," the Kawasaki pilot, who does not believe Pirelli's quest for more performance caused the damage. Some critics have argued that Pirelli has consciously compromised safety in order to get to grips with the performance of the MotoGP tires. "Pirelli does a good job, just like Michelin or Bridgestone," Sykes says .BSB format for Sykes is not an alternative to that is that in the British Superbike Championship for many years, completely without electronic tools such as traction control. Would not many discussions be avoided by applying this system to the WSBK? "The people who set these rules do not understand too much about the motorcycle racing. Traction control does not lead to a worse or better driver," says Sykes.

Tom Sykes: "The best drivers will always be the best drivers"

© Kawasaki

"It helps the driver to get the maximum out of the motorbike when he runs a lot of rounds. The bottom line is that the BOD races are 25 minutes long on average and are held at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. So the tires behave a bit better than they do here in the Superbike World Championship, we drive over 30 minutes and have a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius, the temperatures are significantly higher than in the BOD ", the experienced ex- "The best drivers will always be the best riders, no matter what motorbike they move, whether they have a traction control or not," says Sykes. "I do not really understand the development of the Superbike World Championship," he says, "it's always a matter of saving money, but the rules are changing to my taste." Melandri is also critical about unit electronics Ducati factory pilot Marco Melandri sees the introduction of the unit electronics critically, even if this step can be regarded as a success in the MotoGP. The Italian is afraid that manufacturers will lose interest as no development work can be done. The budgets for the development of road machines probably no longer flow into racing.

Melandri on electronics: "Doubt that the results strongly depend on it"

© Ducati

"It looks as if it's too late for the coming season," he said, "and it is unlikely that the electronics will be a major cost factor "I do not expect too much of a change when one is a unit electronics." "I do not expect too much electronics to change "said Melandri, who does not expect the forces to change. As before, those who strive most intensively will win. In the MotoGP, Honda hunted with the electronics at the beginning, but eventually made the connection: "HRC used a different system, it took time to get used to the new electronics, but after a while they reached the same performance before, "says Melandri.


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