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Office 365: Microsoft teams get guest access

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Microsoft software teams for enterprise communications are expanded by additional functions. It is now possible to create guest access for employees who are not members of the company. Guests can join the software teams, collaborate with other employees, participate in chats, or participate in onlinemeetings. In addition, there are new developer tools for the software announced six months ago.

The guest access was installed at the request of the Microsoft community. This function was often asked for. Requirement for a guest account is that the requested person has an Azure Active Directory account. Later, it should also be possible to set up any free Microsoft account as a guest for teams. IT administrators should be able to create, view, or remove guest accounts using the traditional Office 365 interface.

Integration into Active Directory
According to Microsoft, the requirement of team customers is also the security of guest accounts in teams. Microsoft integrates the management of these into the Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration. There, rules and group rules can be set as required. In addition, guest accounts are also marked as such in chats.

In addition to guest accounts, the software team also supports Botkit, an open-source bot toolkit for creating automated processes. In addition, Microsoft is continuing to partner with third-party vendors to make their products compatible with teams. The integration of Atlassian's Bitbucket software and a tab for Github should come in the near future. Adobe also plans to connect its creative cloud to teams.


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