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Ocon implies surprise: First podium for Force India?

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Sports

02. September 2017 – 7:42 pm

Esteban Ocon is happy about the prospect of starting in the second row

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(cafetheology.org) – If the big ones weaken, then it will be time for the insider tips. While Ferrari was swimming today, Esteban Ocon was one of the biggest winners. The Force India driver ended up in the fifth place in the qualifying session of Monza and is allowed to start from the starting grid three thanks to the punishments of the two Red Bulls – forgetting the trouble of Spa. "It's a great qualification," rejoiced the Frenchman was unhappy. "We knew there was a possibility, and we got the best out, the car felt great, and I'm really happy about the result," he says. "We had a great balance, and we have to keep it that way for tomorrow." Ocon was the whole rainy Q3 over well and in the meantime even on the first row of the grid, before he finished in fifth place. In the wet conditions, he was able to cover the weaknesses of his bike very well. "I've grown up with the rain, and it's fantastic to see that I can do well in a Formula 1 car," he laughs. But Force India is the best result but not a rain set-up , As always, you build the car for the race in which it should be dry. That's why you could drive a little more downforce, but it was not much, as co-team coach Robert Fernley confirmed. "The downforce comes mainly from the underside and by ensuring that the tires work," he says.Williams remains in the main view, but he also does not want Sergio Perez. The Mexican was stamped after Spa on many sides to the Buhmann and landed today only on the disappointing eleventh rank. But according to Fernley it could just as well have been "Checo", which would have been celebrated today. However, while Ocon finished 10th in Q3, Perez finished off with 0.002 seconds behind Q2. "It was just bad luck," says Fernley. Tomorrow both riders will be in charge to make Force India a success. Secretly, they turned to the podium, but the main battle was led by Williams, who were the biggest rival in the overall rankings of four, and who also had a strong qualification. "We have two duels: once Ocon and Stroll, and once Perez and Massa – everything else is from the perspective of the championship. Lance Stroll has a good starting position as Ocon, and also Felipe Massa has a good chance not important, "emphasizes Fernley. One sees Williams in the race as a danger and will not let the advantage be smaller. "We have to beat Williams with both cars," says the co-team boss. Everything else is for the team Zubrot.Podestchance: Is Ferrari beatable? But, of course, you can also sense the great opportunity for the first podium in this season. Red Bull is far away and has problems on the straights, and Ferrari also has to pass Ocon with his fast Mercedes engine. Force India knows about the possibility, but also knows that Ferrari is not a cannon fodder. "Ferrari will make life difficult for us," says Fernley. "Your Rennpace is quite impressive."

Force India pays off the podium, but Ferrari lurks from behind

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It is realistic that it will be difficult despite only one planned pit stop, but one clings to the hope that everything is possible. Should a Mercedes or Ferrari get problems, then Ocon probably has the best chances to dust a podium. The Frenchman sees this too: "There is something to be achieved tomorrow and this is the podium," he says. Tonight, he can still look forward to his good results in qualifying. "The team deserved it, they worked so hard for the result," he says. "We're going to push hard, but now I give the team a big hug."


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