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Obituary to Heiner Geissler:

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | World News

Heiner Geissler was clever, intellectually independent and always uncomfortable. cafetheology.org columnist Gerhard Spörl recalls one of the greats of the federal policy.

He had long looked like an Indian, mischievous, always brown-baked, slightly stooped, an outdoor man who climbed the mountains and loved paragliding. Seeing the world from above, taking it up and gently sliding down: What is more beautiful? Once he failed, he almost died.

Heiner Geissler was an independent man, one could rely on, but only on his terms. He loved politics, but he was also aware of the fact that it did not come into party politics. The political, the groping movements in society, the changes in collective attitudes and mentality fascinated him more, and the professional politicians almost always belatedly recognize them and then take up or fight them hastily.

  But he was also an impetent, who was not an enemy, for he was capable of thinking in friend-enemy categories, a Carl Schmitt of the seventies. In one of his dark hours, he called the SPD the fifth column of Moscow. This was the first time that Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt had been living. No wonder that Willy Brandt called him the greatest hater since Goebbels. Geissler also introduced a list of sympathizers of the RAF, which was not to be surpassed in absurdity.

I have never known whether such rage was pure headbirth or deeply convincing. I asked him more often because it really interested me. He then fell into the monologue of why he was in the right, even if it was not at the moment. I listened to him and always thought: 'Do you mean that now?' During the long talk he smiled mischievously, because basically he did not care what we journalists of him held. He had reached his goal. All the world was discussing his disgusting propositions. What more did he want?

 Vows not filed
Heiner Geissler had taken sentences that would not have occurred to anybody else; He was a moralist who took liberties from morality. His despisers pointedly pointed out that he had enjoyed a Jesuit school and university education. I did not find that much to explain. He was also a renegade and had not taken the vow as a novice. He was concerned solely with shooting the government of Schmidt and making Helmut Kohl chancellor.

Kohl owed much to Geissler. He has allowed it, he has left him room, probably he thought to himself: I can not curb him anyway and as long as he is useful to me, perhaps he brings me to the white heat, but what is it.

Geissler organized the rebellion
However, the degree of distrust soon increased. The secretary general gathered young, unorthodox people, who saw not only the evil smell of left-wing extremes in the emerging Greens, but also realized that environmental protection and the balance of ecology and economy were to be taken seriously. It was fermented in society and, in fact, the contrast between conservative and green was not cold. Should the CDU not be sound? Geissler thought: yes. Kohl found: no.

In 1989 there was a disagreement on one of the most exciting party days ever in post-war Germany. Geissler organized the rebellion. Lothar Späth (remembered someone else?) Kohl, the lucky, affair-strong Chancellor, was to be replaced. Then the story closed and Helmut Kohl helped. Gyula Horn was a friend. At the beginning of the party, for example, Hungary opened the borders for the refugees from the GDR. Helmut Kohl taught his party friends about the event.

Back to Radicality
The unthinkable was suddenly conceivable: the reunion. Coup? No more to think about it. Kohl remained chancellor, remained chancellor, remained chancellor. He dismissed his secretary general and ended a difficult friendship.

In his old age Heiner Geissler returned to his origin, to radicalism. He joined Attac in 2007, using talkshows as a tribute to globalization. Was it clear to him that on the other hand, the right would be polemised from the right? For its generation it is a nightmare that a separate group of economic and ethnic nationalism has formed outside the Union. Meat from the flesh of the CDU.

What remains? The inconvenience, the independence, a life full of contradictions, what else, but in decisive phases rectilinear. That there was one who listened, when in society, how for years in our, ferment and boiled and wanted to understand what was going on. It must first imitate him.


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