Obama Library Design

The Obama Foundation has asked 7 architects to submit ideas for the president's library and museum on Chicago's South Side.

CHICAGO — Former president Barack Obama on Wednesday unveiled the conceptual design of his future presidential library and museum in the city's historic ...

The first images and models of Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects' plans for the Obama Presidential Library in Chicago have been revealed.

... Obama Picks New York Architects to Design Presidential ... Architects to Design Presidential Library. ... to design Mr. Obama’s presidential library.

The Obama Presidential Center in Chicago will feature a library, museum, and public plaza. Here's what it will look like.

When Barack Obama sits down to choose an architect to design his presidential library in Chicago, he will be picking from the planet's greatest talents ...

Interactive Design Architects was not among the firms that ... in the News section of the Chicago Tribune with the headline "Obama library on ...

But hopefully these bold ideas will change the way you think about a politician’s legacy – or at least design. Close. ... Obama's presidential library: ...

It would be easy enough to complain that the May 3 unveiling of a preliminary design for Barack Obama’s presidential library and museum, over which a relaxed and ...

If Hawaii gets its way, the future Barack Obama Presidential Library will resemble a futuristic oceanside retreat more than a traditional government arch...

Obama Library Design News

Barack Obama in Chicago Roundtable on Planned Library, Museum. May 3, 2017.

chicago’s barack obama presidential library concepts ...

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