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North Korea: UN Security Council restricts oil supplies

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | World News

Actually, the US wanted to tighten the sanctioning screw against North Korea even more. But after negotiations with Russia and China, a complete oil bar is now off the table. Whether Pyongyang is impressed by the new, weaker UN resolution is open.

With a capping of oil supplies to North Korea, the global community wants to exacerbate the pressure on the country in the nuclear conflict. The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution to prohibit the supply of natural gas to North Korea and textile exports. With a tougher resolution imposed by an oil bargain and direct financial action against the ruling party, Kim Jong Un, the US could not get involved in negotiations with China and Russia.

China wants new negotiations
With the new sanctions, the highest UN body punishes the diplomatically isolated country for its new nuclear test about a week ago. According to the British Embassy, ​​North Korea is now the most heavily sanctioned country in the world. The US allies, South Korea and Japan, welcomed the decision. From the point of view of China, the goal of the new punitive measures must be a reopening of the negotiations on the North Korean Atoprogram.

It has already been the ninth UN resolution in connection with North Korea's nuclear and rocket tests since 2006. The impact has not yet been shown by any of them – Pyongyang has continued its tests and its atroprogram, which is regarded as a serious threat worldwide, despite all warnings so far , On 3 September, North Korea had tested a hydrogen bomb, which was designed to equip intercontinental missiles.

Ölembargo would hit the population hard
According to US data, North Korea receives around 8.5 million barrels of oil annually from the outside, almost half of it in the form of crude oil and the other half in the form of mineral oil products such as petrol, diesel and heavy fuel. Of these products, only 500,000 barrels may be delivered to North Korea from 1 October to the end of the year, and from January 1, 2018 only 2 million barrels per year. The previously discussed, complete oil bargain was considered controversial because it would hit the North Korean population hard.

According to the poll, oil is the "living elixir" of North Korea in an effort to build atomic bombs, said the United States' ambassador to the United States, Nikki Haley. "We have learned that half-hearted action against the regime did not work." The US did not want war. Pyongyang still had the opportunity to do the thing by giving up his nuclear program and proving that he could live in peace with other states.

Before the ban on exports to textiles, bans on coal, iron and other raw materials were already in place. According to US figures, this means that more than 90 per cent of the publicly declared exports of North Korea are prohibited. In addition, other countries may not issue new work permits for North Koreans who earn money for their home country. According to UN figures, the country's population of 25 million has sent around 50,000 workers abroad, generating income of up to 1.9 billion euros every year.

  Criticism of US military maneuvers with South Korea
China and Russia, who agreed with the resolution, were critical of the US's actions. They again demanded that the US and South Korea cease joint military maneuvers. In return, Pyongyang is to forego rocket tests and his Atrocrogram, but the government under US President Donald Trump has so far refused. Beijing has "tirelessly struggled" to undermine the Korean Peninsula and maintain peace and stability there, said the Chinese UN Ambassador, Liu Jieyi.

Punishment alone could not solve the problem, said Tuesday in a comment from China's official news agency Xinhua. The chances that North Korea would yield to the latest sanctions are "tragically low", while the prospects for new nuclear trials and rocket launchers are "hopelessly high". The US should shift from the politics of isolation to dialogue. Any further pressure that North Korea could not endure could lead to a nuclear catastrophe.

The UN Security Council adopted the sanctions unanimously. Nevertheless, Russia and China criticized the measures. (Source: Michael Brochstein / dpa)

The UN Ambassador of Russia went a step further: "The rebellion" of the US to assert once again that no government change or a war in North Korea is striven, had raised some "serious questions", Wassili Nebensja said.

In a statement from the South Korean Foreign Ministry, on the other hand, the new resolution demonstrates the determination of the state community not to tolerate North Korea's development of nuclear weapons. The decision is a "serious warning to North Korea, because it only increases its diplomatic isolation and economic pressure by its ruthless provocations."

Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, said that he believed that the Security Council had adopted this "strong resolution" unanimously and quickly. This shows the will of the international community to raise the pressure on North Korea to a new level so that North Korea will change its policies.


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