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North Korea threatens USA with its own measures

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | World News

Because of its continuing saber rattling, North Korea is threatening new UN sanctions. In the process, the US has approached Russia and China and has mitigated proposed measures. New threats are coming from Pyongyang.

The United States would pay a high price if the United States' vote against the UN Security Council succeeded, the Foreign Ministry said in Pyongyang. It was "willing and willing" to react with its own measures. In a statement, Pyongyang observed closely the steps of the United States. They tried to strangle Nordkorea's legitimate self-defense measures "and stifle them completely." The US revealed its nature as a "bloodthirsty beast".

USA is back in sanctions
Last Tuesday, Washington had introduced a resolution that would provide such severe sanctions against North Korea as never before. This includes, among other things, an export ban on all oil and natural gas resources to North Korea. In addition, the financial assets of the North Korean government and the ruler Kim Jong Un are to be frozen abroad. Washington has now moved away from it.

  In a new resolution, certain sanctions are no longer included, as diplomats reported in New York. This includes the freezing of the foreign assets of Kim Jong Un. Washington is heading for Russia and China, it said. The approval of the two vetoms was last seen as uncertain. In the new draft, some sanctions were also mitigated according to diplomats. Thus an oil bar against North Korea is still planned. However, it should gradually enter into force and not immediately in full, as initially provided.

The planned searches of suspicious North Korean ships on the high seas will be carried out with less harshness than planned so far. Concessions made Washington evidently also in the status of North Koreans working abroad. The vote in the UN Security Council is scheduled for Monday.

Merkel proposes conciliation
UN Security Council diplomats said representatives from the US and China had negotiated on formulations in the resolution until the late Sunday evening (local time). Russian President Vladimir Putin had recently raised concerns about whether sanctions against North Korea would be an effective way of halting the expansion of the Atoprogram.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview with the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" that Germany could contribute directly to diplomatic negotiations. "If our participation in talks is desired, I will say yes," she said. Possible talks are the talks about the Iranian nuclear program: such a format could be imagined to solve the North Korean conflict.


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