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North Korea threatens USA with "further gift packages"

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | World News

In the conflict with North Korea the world community struggles for a joint response to the ongoing threats from Pyongyang. The North Korean ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Han Tae Song, said with the view of the sixth and so far largest nuclear test that his country would send even more such "gift packages" to the USA.

Despite the prospect of a further development of the world-criticized nuclear and rocket program, international diplomacy remained unclear as to how North Korea could be brought to reason: While the US, South Korea and Germany pleaded for stiffer sanctions, the UN vetoers expressed Russia and China Doubts about the meaning of such measures.

North Korea speaks of "self-defense"
The UN ambassador to the United States of North Korea declared his country's current action at a disarmament conference in Geneva as a self-defense. This strategy will continue as long as the "irresponsible provocations and useless attempts" have exerted pressure on the People's Republic of Korea. Years of sanctions have hardly deterred the largely isolated country under communist rule from expanding its military power.

  The conflict has been aggravated by a series of atomic and rocket tests. Not least because North Korea with its bullets more and more comes into the range of US territory, US President Donald Trump has introduced a tougher pace against the leadership in Pyongyang and also reserved military moves.

USA are calling for sharpest sanctions
Since the beginning of the week, the United States has been urging the UN Security Council to exacerbate the North Korean sanctions. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, admitted on Tuesday that such punitive measures would hardly change the behavior of North Korea. However, they could provide the country with the financial resources it needs for its nuclear and rocket program. According to diplomats, export bans for North Korea's textile sector are being discussed, as are interruption of oil supplies to government agencies and the military. The main trading partner of North Korea is China.

The People's Republic stated that the solution could not lie in punitive measures alone. At the same time, a spokesman for the Beijing Foreign Ministry demanded prudence. It is not an option to resolve the conflict with North Korea militarily. All stakeholders should ensure that the situation does not escalate.

Putin warns of a "global disaster"
Russian President Vladimir Putin said: "An intensification of military hysteria does not lead to anything good. It could lead to a global catastrophe." Sharper sanctions were a "pointless" at a meeting of the five major emerging markets in China. They would have no influence on the government of Kim Jong Un, but could significantly increase the suffering of the population. Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel expressed understanding of Putin's attitude, since the country itself was affected by sanctions.

According to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, an EU foreign minister meeting is planned for the weekend, which is to discuss the expansion of the means of printing at the level of trade. "This is also urgently necessary," said Merkel, who had previously spoken out for severer sanctions in telephone calls with South Korean President Moon Jae In and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The US is calling for a vote in the UN Security Council on Monday. In addition to the permanent members of the USA, Russia, China, the UK and France, the panel includes ten other countries. France's Minister of Defense, Florence Parly, warned: "Europe is risking to get us missiles within the reach of Kim Jong."

Observers expect further tests
According to a South Korean media report, North Korea apparently recently moved an intercontinental rocket (ICBM) to the west coast, where shooting ramps are located. Observers expect that North Korea will prepare further measures on the occasion of the state's founding on September 9th. Last year the country tested an atomic bomb.

South Korea is struggling to cope with the neighbors' threat by lifting the upper limit for the weight of warheads on South Korean missiles. There is no peace treaty between the north and the south, since the Korean War ended in 1953 only with a truce. North and South Korea have directed thousands of missiles.


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