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North Korea talk at "Maybrit Illner": "bombs do not help"

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | World News

01.09.2017, 14:03 clock
   | Marc L. Merten, www.online.de
 In just over three weeks, Germany chooses. Maybrit Illner could have made one of the greatest international conflicts on German politics. Instead, the talk about the Korean conflict degenerated into another more contentless discussion about Donald Trump.

The guests
Constance Stelzenmüller (political scientist) Peter Rough (politician and Trump supporter) Ska Keller (Bündnis90 / Die Grünen) Klaus von Dohnanyi (SPD) Hans-Lothar Domröse (General of the Bundeswehr aD)
Actually, the theme was "Kim's rockets, trumps provocation – is the world threatening a new war?". Illner could have a discussion in the ZDF about how the conflict could affect the future federal government, which could mean for the German military, German diplomacy, economy and foreign policy. What is the role of Russia and China? How does the threat affect the European Union? What is the current state of South Korea and Japan?

The U.S. Has been talking to North Korea, and paying them extortion money, for 25 years. Talking is not the answer! – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 30, 2017
Instead, it was more about Donald Trump and how he intends to deal with Kim Jong Un. As if the one knew! And because no one knew, Illner swung to Afghanistan in the last third of the talk and finally made their program irrelevant.

The fronts
The only front on Thursday evening had at least an amusing touch: Constanze Stelzenmüller and Klaus von Dohnanyi carried out their little feud over the whole program. Von Dohnanyi compared the Korean conflict with German reunification, Stelzenmüller disagreed because South Korea would not engage in an offensive peace movement like Westdeutschland.

Later, China was concerned to bring about the war on trade, which the Reich of the Middle Plane is planning, and the question of whether Beijing is at all interested in bringing South and North Korea together for peace. Stelzenmüller, and what did Dohnanyi do? He always agreed with her. "Correct!" It sounded. "I agree!" Was heard from the off, and when Stelzenmüller came to a close, a bony hand was heard on the table. "That is the point," exclaimed the SPD politician. It would be nice if two people could agree on their opposites.

Virtual guest of the evening
Because five guests at the table were not enough to keep the North Korean discussion alive for at least forty minutes, Illner had given another guest virtually to the studio. The all-purpose weapon of the CDU for any political talk, Peter Altmaier, was brought from Frankfurt to summarize what his previous speakers had said in any case: "The rhetorical escalation of the last few weeks has not brought the conflict closer to a solution: North Korea is a state of unrighteousness. It is not that you do not have to prepare yourself to defend yourself, but I do not want you to be prepared to defend yourself Chinese leadership in recent days has given a sign to enable a diplomatic strategy. "

. @ Peteraltmaier No automatic covenant remedy in the North Korea conflict #illner #USA #NATO #North Korea #Affghanistan https://t.co/Ho49fbIAJc pic.twitter.com/gzDzWDRsGz- maybritiller (@maybritillner) September 1, 2017
Altmaier was still able to mention that the USA is currently too much occupied with itself and that Europe must therefore look for itself. Sentences that have been heard so frequently in the past months.

Moderators question of the evening
Maybrit Illner rowed after half an hour with his arms. It seemed as if Klaus von Dohnanyi had said something that had upset her. But the moderator simply seemed to have noticed that the talk was completely lost. "Can we ask again: Where does it lead to?" She interjected, revealing only that this talk led to nothing else but to the debate whether Donald Trump still has all the hair in the right place or whether Kim Jong Un the villain be. Peter Rough said, "We must not confuse cause and effect, and not put the slaughterer of Pyongyang and the democratically elected US president on the same level." It was not much more profound this evening.

Low point of the evening
Who on Thursday evening in front of the domestic television after two thirds of the show briefly disappeared into the kitchen or bathroom, was wondering whether it was after the return still the same talk. The faces were the same, but suddenly it was all about Trump – about his Afghanistan policy. North Korea was suddenly no longer an issue. Why, no one knew so well. However Ska Keller was still able to contribute something. "Bombing does not help," said the Green politician. "You only get more terrorists." At the latest, it was clear that more than witchcraft wisdom was not to be expected this evening.

What remains open
The talk in the ZDF brought little light, above all he left almost completely out what the Korea conflict could mean for the future federal government. At least General Hans-Lothar Domröse made a brief moment of hope when he said, "I conclude that there will be a battle." It would have been a nice conclusion. But he said it at the beginning of the show.

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