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North Korea shoots another rocket over Japan

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | World News

Twelve days after its nuclear test, which has been condemned worldwide, North Korea has again fired a rocket across Japan into the Pacific. The UN Security Council reacts with a special session.

The missile was flown 3700 kilometers after the start near the capital Pyongyang, the general staff of the South Korean army announced on Friday. The missile had previously reached a maximum of 770 kilometers. The Japanese government, which also confirmed the rocket test, accused North Korea of ​​a provocation.

According to the US armed forces, the missile missile did not pose any threat to either the US mainland or the Pacific US outside Guam. The shooting took place in the area of ​​the North Korean city Sunan, so the Pacific Command of the US forces.

  The rocket subsequently crossed a northern part of Japan and then plunged into the Pacific. The US would continue to defend its allies, including Japan and South Korea, the message said. North Korea's military action will continue to be closely monitored.

South Korea's armed forces reacted to the new arms test in the neighboring country with their own rocket training. Rockets had been shot in the Japanese Sea (Korean: East Sea), they said. The Seoul government convened a meeting of the National Security Council.

North Korea wants to remain stubborn
On Friday, the UN Security Council in New York will meet at an emergency meeting. Japan and the USA had requested the meeting, the Ethiopian UN agency, who is currently chairing the Council, said.

The UN Security Council had increased the pressure on North Korea in the ongoing conflict only on Monday with a capping of oil supplies and a ban on textile exports. The highest UN body thus punished the country's nuclear test of 3 September.

North Korea does not want to move away from its atomic and missile program despite the intensified sanctions. By the end of last month, North Korea had also tested a medium range rocket, which had also flown over the north of Japan and plunged into the Pacific.


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