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North Korea provokes USA on the anniversary of its establishment

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | World News

North Korea provoked on the anniversary of its establishment with pithy words. Despite all international criticism of the latest nuclear and rocket tests, the internationally isolated country is celebrating as "invincible athmosphere". The US is now preparing new sanctions against Pyongyang.

The official North Korean newspaper "Rodong Sinmun" called on Saturday to expand the country's rocket and atomic program to protect North Korea against the US. The country had to create more "miraculous events" like the second test of an intercontinental rocket on July 28, it said.

The United States accused the country of a hostile policy. Washington would talk about an invasion and beheading against Pyongyang. As long as they adhered to this policy, the US would "continue to receive large and small gift packages from us". As gifts, North Korea had also designated tests of intercontinental rockets in July and the nuclear test last Sunday.

No new rocket tests on National Day
However, contrary to fears of the South Korean government, the neighboring country did not take the occasion to show military strength and test further potential nuclear missiles. According to military figures, no signs of start-up preparations were discovered, South Korean transmitters reported.

The tests are clear violations of UN resolution. US ambassador Nikki Haley had made a strong start in the past few days for further sanctions against Pyongyang. Already on Monday, the US wants to vote in the World Security Council on a Resolutionsentwurf.

 From diplomatic circles at the UN headquarters in New York, the US wanted to exert maximum pressure on China. It is therefore expected that China and Russia, both Vetomächte, will be in the process of voting.

Atomic test triggered tremors of magnitude 6.3
The last Sunday's nuclear test was the sixth and largest North Korean ever since 2006. According to the Geological Service of the USA, this caused a quake of magnitude 6.3. Pyongyang spoke of a hydrogen bomb, which had been ignited. The country is able to mount such bombs on long-range missiles that the US can reach.

  Hydrogen bombs or H-bombs are many times stronger than conventional atomic bombs. Whether the experiment actually was an H-bomb, could not be independently confirmed so far.

US President Donald Trump had discussed, among other things, a petroleum embargo as well as a freezing of all foreign assets of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The Resolutions draft also contains an embargo on textile exports from North Korea.


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