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North Korea is threatened with a "counter-offensive" against US

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | World News

New threats in the North Korean conflict: While North Korea wants to react with a "counteroffensive" on US sanctions, Trump wants to turn the country's oil faucet. The UN and Putin are trying to de-escalate. The UN Secretary General speaks of the most dangerous crisis in the world.

The Foreign Ministry in Pyongyang told the US to pursue a hostile policy and a "hectic sanctioning campaign".

"We will respond to the despicable sanctions and the pressure of the US with our own kind of counteroffensive," a spokesman was quoted from the state media. What kind of measures are to be taken remains unclear. UN Secretary-General António Guterres had previously appealed to all states that a war on the Korean peninsula should necessarily be prevented.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Labor Party of Korea (WPK). (Source: – / KRT via AP video / dpa)

The US is accusing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un of wanting to provoke a war and is pushing "the greatest possible sanctions" against Pyongyang in the UN Security Council. On Sunday, North Korea had tested a hydrogen bomb to equip intercontinental missiles (ICBM). It was the sixth and largest atomic test of the diplomatically isolated country since 2006. Its missile and atomic program is regarded as a serious danger worldwide.

"The most dangerous crisis" in the world
The United States should never forget that North Korea is a "fully developed atomic and hydrogen bomb", said the ministry spokesman in Pyongyang. He replied to a question about new sanctions. Since the presidential nomination of US president Donald Trump, North Korea has "doubled its efforts" to strengthen the state's nuclear forces. "

South Korea and the US are concerned that North Korea will soon make further attempts after two rocket tests in July and the launch of a new medium-range rocket last week, which flew across the Pacific across Japan.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks in New York at the United Nations headquarters. (Source: dpa)

The risk of a nuclear conflict with North Korea is currently the "most dangerous crisis" in the world, said UN chief Guterres. "The possible consequences of a militia operation are too terrible." He again condemned the new nuclear test. North Korea must adhere to international obligations. "If you look at the history of the First World War, everything happened step by step, one party doing this, the next responding with that, and suddenly all of them realized that we were at war." This risk must be avoided with regard to North Korea, warns Guterres.

Putin against sanctions
Today, South Korean President Moon Jae In traveled to Vladivostok, where he talked about the escalating North Korean conflict with the Russian President Vladimir Putin before starting a regional economic forum. Putin, according to his South Korean colleague of the agency Tass, said that he would not recognize the "nuclear status of North Korea". Pyongyang posed a threat to security in the region.

"Without political and diplomatic instruments, it will be very difficult to move in this situation," Putin said in Vladivostok after a conversation with Moon Jae In. Sanctions did not solve the conflict with North Korea.

"It is clear that it is not possible to solve the problems on the Korean peninsula only with sanctions and pressure," said the Kremlinchef. "We should not succumb to our emotions and push North Korea into the corner." Putin warned of a "global catastrophe and many sacrifices" the day before in the southern Chinese port of Xiamen. He emphatically called for negotiations.


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