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North Korea fires missile over Japan

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | World News

The North Korean conflict is growing again. The internationally isolated country fired a rocket in the morning, which flew over Japan.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke of an unprecedented and serious threat. His country would ask the United Nations to increase the pressure on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The projectile flies 2700 kilometers
The rocket had been fired in an area near the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, and flown about 2700 kilometers, the general staff of the South Korean army said. It had reached an altitude of 550 kilometers before it had descended into the Pacific. South Korea threw a heavy provocation on North Korea and demonstrated military strength with bomb exercises.

  In South Korea, North Korea's latest rocket test was also seen as a warning signal, despite increasing pressure from the US in the conflict to avoid its Atroprogramm. The test was carried out during ongoing US military exercises with South Korea. North Korea regularly instructs the US to prepare an attack with such maneuvers. This is denied by the USA and South Korea.

UN Security Council is to meet
According to reports from South Korean media, the UN Security Council in New York, at the request of the US, Japan and South Korea, wanted to deal with the latest rocket test by diplomatic North Korea on Tuesday. After the two intercontinental racetrack tests in July, the highest UN body had imposed the most severe economic campaigns against Pyongyang.

It was not the first time a North Korean missile flew over Japan. But it was the first time that the unannounced took place, announced the sender NHK. The test represents a "serious and serious threat to Japan," said government spokesman Yoshihide Suga. They will cooperate closely with US and South Korea.

Japan's missile defense is not activated
The US Department of Defense confirmed that the missile launched by North Korea had flown across Japan. The test is currently being evaluated, Pentagon spokesman Robert Manning said in Washington. However, it was already estimated that the rocket had not been a threat to the US.

The graphic of a Japanese TV station shows the flight route of the North Korean rocket. (Source: Shizuo Kambayashi / AP / dpa)

According to reports from the Japanese broadcaster NHK, parts of the flight body crashed into the sea about 1180 kilometers east of the northernmost main island of Hokkaido. However, Japan had not launched a defensive launch, according to the military.

South Korea demonstrates combat power
In South Korea, President Moon Jae pointed to the armed forces to demonstrate their fighting power. Four F15K fighter jets, according to a spokesman, dropped bombs into a shooting range near the Korean border. In the exercise the North Korean leadership had been issued as a simulated target, reported the national news agency Yonhap. Washington and Seoul would also consider transferring "strategic" defense forces to South Korea. Details were not mentioned at first.

The National Security Council of South Korea condemned the rocket test by North Korea as a violation of UN resolutions. These prohibit the country's tests with ballistic missiles. These are generally ground-to-ground missiles, which can carry a conventional, chemical, biological or atomic warhead, depending on the design. North Korea is working on missiles that can carry an atomic bombardment to the USA.

The North Korean conflict has been heating up for months. US President Donald Trump had threatened Pyongyang with "fire and anger", which caused unrest in view of the nuclear armament of both countries. North Korea threatened to launch missiles into the waters around the US Pacific island of Guam.


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