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North Korea according to expert still years of atomic bomb

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | World News

Despite the new nuclear test, according to a Russian expert, North Korea still needs a good five years to build an operational atomic bomb.

"They have nuclear bombs and rockets that they developed on the basis of Soviet Scud missiles that they received in the 1960s and 1970s," said Ivan Moiseyev, director of the Institute of World Volunteers in Moscow. North Korean engineers would have developed the technology further. "But uniting warheads and rockets is not an easy task." To this end, North Korea still needs time, said Misseyev of Interfax agency.

On Sunday, North Korea announced that it had launched a hydrogen bomb. The test was successful, reported the state television. The explosive set is intended for intercontinental rockets. The South Korean weather agency estimated that the bombs fired during the test had a 50 to 60 kilo explosive force – five to six times as much as last year's test.

  The South Korean General Staff and the weather agency of the country declared that they had recorded artificially generated earthquakes of magnitude 5.7, which had come to Kilju in the North Korean province of Hamgyong. The US earthquake watch gave the strength at 6.3 and spoke of an explosion. Shortly thereafter, the US and China continued to shatter. China led this to a collapse. South Korea's weather agency, however, disagreed.

The US Department of State did not react at first
The Japanese government confirmed a nuclear test. Minister President Shinzo Abe spoke of a completely unacceptable step. "We must protest urgently," he said. The US Department of State did not react at first.

South Korea's President Moon Jae In called a meeting of the National Security Council. His national security adviser Chung Eui Yong telephoned 20 minutes with his US colleague Herbert Raymond McMaster, according to the presidential.

"Thermonuclear weapon" with "unprecedented" strength
The North Korean television reported a "two-stage thermonuclear weapon" with "unprecedented" strength. The successful firing is a "very important step in the achievement of the goal of completing the state's nuclear power," said North Korean state television news broadcaster. The television showed a handwritten order from the leader Kim Jong Un to the firing of the bomb at noon on the 3rd of September, North Korean time.

It was a "thermonuclear weapon with an extraordinary explosive force created by our own efforts and our own technology," the agency quoted the ruler. All components of the hydrogen bomb are "100 percent produced in their own country".

The photograph, issued by the government of North Korea on September 3, 2017, shows the head of state Kim Jong Un (2nd row) inspecting an alleged hydrogen bomb warhead at a location not mentioned. (Source: Uncredited / KCNA via KNS / dpa)

Previously, North Korean media had published pictures on which President Kim Jong Un is to be seen on the loading of an intercontinental rocket with a hydrogen bomb. According to the state news agency KCNA, its explosive force can be set between ten and several hundred kilotons.

Photos showed Kim talking to high-ranking military and looking at silver device in the form of an oversized peanut, which is supposed to be the bomb. In front of it is a cone, which could be a rocket tip. In the background was a model drawing of a bomb in a rocket head.

The truth of the North Korean data could not be verified independently. At the beginning of 2016, Pyongyang had announced that it had tested a hydrogen bomb. At that time, however, South Korea declared that even a failed hydrogen bomb test should have triggered more severe shocks than were actually registered.

North Korea wants to build nuclear weapons, which can meet the US mainland. One of the decisive steps is to reduce atomic bombs so that they fit onto a rocket. Experts argue about whether North Korea is already in a position to do so. The South Korean secret service has not yet considered this possible. However, some other experts believe that North Korea could already be so far.

Only a replica?
Professor Vipin Narang from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who is specialized in nuclear strategies, said that North Korea had only published photos of imitations of a hydrogen bomb on Sunday. "We will not know what they have before they do not test it, and even then there remains a great uncertainty, depending on the outcome and the form of the earth jolts and all the isotopes we can find after a test," he said. North Korea's state media reported that the test had been carried out so that no trace of radioactive material was left.


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