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No tire temperature: Dani Pedrosa in Misano chancenlos

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11. September 2017 – 10:51

Dani Pedrosa is not clear in the rain with the Michelin tires

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(cafetheology.org) – With 160 centimeters body weight and 51 kilograms, Dani Pedrosa is the smallest and lightest rider in the MotoGP field. Even in his 250s, there were voices that the Spaniard was too delicate for the Knigsklasse. With 30 wins and 110 podium places, he proved the opposite of his critics, even if he often had injuries. Its light body weight is nevertheless suboptimal in certain situations. On the many ground shafts at Silverstone, Pedrosa had Mhe to keep his Honda under control. And in the rain of Misano he went down completely as 14. "I can not change my size," Pedrosa says frankly. "With the bike, we try everything, but we do not create the minimum temperature in the tires, which happened to me in Le Mans during training, in Assen in qualifying and today in the race to simulate that I have more weight, but you have to reach the minimum temperature of the tire, which is very difficult. "Drivers like Danilo Petrucci are much lighter in the rain. The weight helps and with the long legs one can contrast with the knee on the ground. Medium-sized riders like Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Marquez have a lot of physical strength. "Today nobody will tell you that Dani has an advantage," notes Pedrosa sarcastically. "The disadvantage I have is greater than my advantage." Its advantage is a careful handling of the tires. Pedrosa, for example, won the victory in Misano last year, when it was very hot.

About the set-up, the Honda team found no solution to the problem


In the rain, he currently has hardly a chance to get the Michelin tires into the working window: "You have to reach a minimum temperature, which is not the start of the chemical process in the tire," explains the Spaniard. "So the tire does not work, for example, if you have the tire at 60 degrees and you have to reach 65. If you are in the temperature window, the damping starts working and you can play with the gas a chain reaction. "Right after the start, Pedrosa fell back like a stone. His lap times were several seconds slower than the top group. "I've tried everything, but I only drove 1: 54 times because I had no grip, I could not do anything on the bike, and I was almost stuck in every corner when it stopped raining and not so much water , I broke through the temperature barrier and drove six seconds faster in the first place. In the end, I drove 1:49 and high 1: 48 times. "With a margin of 1:38 minutes, Pedrosa finally came in 14th Goal and collected two World Cup points. He was unimpressive in this Grand Prix. "Other riders will say that they did not have enough water on the track and that the rainbows went to the limit, but the opposite was true for me, because I finally had grip." In the World Cup, Pedrosa is still fifth. His retirement grew to 49 points.


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