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No penalty for stating: Magnussen motzt against FIA

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 – 7:13 pm

Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussen got their hair in Monza

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(cafetheology.org) – Haas driver Kevin Magnussen complained in the Italian Grand Prix race on Sunday that the Formula 1 race management would not impose a constant penalty in the evaluation of two bouts. The Dane, who was the victim of a tough overtaking man in Max Stappen, had wanted a santom against the Red Bull competitor: "I was just pissed because there was no punishment," says Magnussen – holding the action itself for "It was racing, things were going to happen, but at the very least there should be the same punishment for everyone," says Magnussen, who had recently been caught in the sights of the race in Hungary, Nico Hulkenberg, who had been promptly sanctioned, with a vehement verbal skirmish after the race.Magnussen does not recognize any difference to the stopping procedure in Italy when the Dutchman overtook him in the battle for rank ten and the counterattack before the Della- Roggia harassment by forcing him outside on the grass and into the emergency exit: "I have braked and he has not left me enough space "The Haas driver complains and believes that he would have left without the run-out zone:" I would have drifted into the wall or put in the gravel. "Verstappen wonders about the excitement:" I do not really see it as an incident I'm not interested in it, "the teenager waved his head and even spoke falsely of Magnussens team colleague Romain Grosjean as an opponent. He does not have the scene so clearly in his head: "But I felt that he was riding against my right rear wheel." Helmut Marko: "Magnussen is back, so what does he have to do there?" Team-mate Christian Horner does not want to dramatize the case: "He's got the overtaking maneuver, it would have been Max's turn anyway but it was a racing accident, "the Briton remains cool and even praises the Stewards." The race commissars were pretty good and the boys let everything be played on the track, "says Horner. However, at least an investigation against violations has been launched – without consequences. "Magnussen's comments add further oil to the fire:" I had no great chance to counter, so there was no reason for him to leave me no room the Dane still finds salomonic words for his opponent.


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