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No McLaren support: Toro Rosso will build gearboxes themselves

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

15. September 2017 – 18:39

Toro Rosso also relies on a self-developed gearbox with Honda

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(cafetheology.org) – Although the big dominoes have fallen in Singapore this Friday in the Formula 1 season, there are still many open questions about the future of McLaren-Renault and Toro Rosso-Honda. A question mark has already cleared Franz Tost: Toro Rosso will construct his own transmission and thereby renounce to access McLaren technology. "The transmission will be manufactured at Toro Rosso as in the past years", confirms Franz Tost the burning question of how the Honda power will be distributed to the wheels in the future. McLaren had originally made the condition to deliver the transmission to Toro Rosso, in return for giving up the exclusive right to Honda engines. After the Brits have now completely adopted the Japanese engine manufacturer, this topic is also off the table.Matsushita has his fate in the handUnclearly still is the driver's question at Toro Rosso: With Daniil Kwjat, Pierre Gasly, Sean Gelael and Nobuharu Matsushita stand four potential candidates. Matsushita is – in spite of mediocre results in GP2 and Formula 2 – aspirant candidate from Honda. "We have two pretty successful drivers, I think they'll be driving with us for the season," he said. "The drivers for 2018 we will get together and decide who is going to drive for us, and we will take into account the wishes of our partners. "

Nobuharu Matsushita is driving his super licensing points

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The background to this situation is that Matsushita does not have the necessary number of super license points. He would have to finish the Formula 2 season 2017 in third place to get the necessary 40 points. Currently, he is on championship rank six. Of his 13 Super-licensing points, ten are out of the 2014 season at the end of the year, so a fourth place (30 super-licensing points) would not be enough. That's why Toro Rosso has to wait as the Formula 2 season goes out. Sean Gelael does not even have a single point on the Super-license account and should therefore be out of the decision. Matsushita should not be any candidate for Helmut Marko anyway.


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