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No fuel: Running-in saves Johann Zarco a World Cup point

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11. September 2017 – 09:01

Johann Zarco had to push his Yamaha over the target


(cafetheology.org) – "Who loves his bike, who pushes". This is an old proverb. In this situation, Johann Zarco came in the final of the Grand Prix of San Marino. In the last round, his Tech-3 Yamaha rolled out without fuel, until the Frenchman finally had to stop in the last corner. Zarco took a heart and ran with his Yamaha, which weighs 157 kilograms, towards the finish line. Under the applause of the fans he managed it and was rated as 15th. "I have to check my pulse, because he was probably higher on the finish line than when driving," Zarco laughs after his bet. 15th place is "better than nothing". Originally he was on course to seventh place. "Before the turn 11, I got the fuel problem, I stayed in the sixth gear, it worked up to turn 14, but it was much worse for the last two corners, and I had to run from the last turn there were two lines, the start line and the finish line, and the finish line was really wide. "Some drivers overtook the running French, who included the positions and knew that World Cup points were still possible. "I saw the two KTMs and even Crutchlow, and with his fall he also came in front of me, so you lose a less time than you have to run," laughs Zarco. "It's not going to happen, we're disappointed, at least I have a point, that's better than nothing." There are worse things in life than finishing a race without gasoline. "That he with his unintentional running contribution for a picture of the race "We must not forget that a MotoGP race is a show, at least I showed the fans a show, we will not forget that soon." Where exactly the error was, the Tech-3 team still needs to analyze. Zarco notes that part of the traction control was too strong and he had to adjust it. In total, he was satisfied with his performance in the rain: "It was a difficult race for all of us, I felt good at the beginning but I lost in the acceleration, when the track dried up, my feeling was better, but not as good as expected, it was important to stay focused, I saw the crashes of Crutchlow and Lorenzo, they are behind in the World Cup I could not drive faster but I can control my lead over Redding. "


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