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Njalla: Peter Sunde starts anonymous domainhoster

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde has announced a new service with Njalla, which is intended to allow an anonymous registration of domains. It goes further than previous attempts to disguise the origin of a domain.

Anyone who wants to run anonymously a domain can use so-called domain proxies. Many commercial domainhosters offer this service for extra payment and can be registered instead of the domain owner in the WHOIS register. This measure, however, according to the Njalla-makers, protects against spam and is not a real protection of privacy.

Sunde wants to go a step further. His service Njalla purchases the domains on behalf of the clients and remains owner. The full disposition over the use of the domain is secured to the potential customers via an additional usage contract. Sunde writes: "We are a friendly, drunk (but responsible drunk) Strohmann, who takes the blame for your utterances." The prices shown for the service vary between 15 and 75 euros per year, .de domains are not offered. The company is registered under the name 1337 LLC on the Caribbean island of Nevis.
Domains can move without problems
It should be easy for customers at any time to move the domain to another provider. If this also offers a Whois protection, the name of the owner remains synonymous with the transfer anonymous, because as a previous owner only Njalla emerges. So far, domain owners have to give their identity at the very least in the short term, as was shown last in the Domaintransfer of the right-extremes website The Daily Stomer.

Again and again, domains were confiscated in the past, for example in the case of copyright infringements. After the terrorist attack in Charlottesville in the USA, however, several services in the US had also denounced operators of national websites and services and raised a discussion about the responsibility of corresponding providers.


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