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Nico Hülkenberg: Hydraulic makes trouble, the Pace also

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01. September 2017 – 17:59

Nico Hülkenberg was braked by the hydraulics on Friday

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(cafetheology.org) – The prospects could be better for Renault before the upcoming Formula 1 race in Monza. In the first practice on Friday, the French are hardly expecting the course characteristics this weekend and were almost at the end of the time table. In the afternoon, Nico Hulkenberg (+1.866 seconds) and Jolyon Palmer (+1.911) climbed 12th and 13th, but a different circumstance caused worry. In the second session, Hülkenberg took only 14 laps to drive Distance of least of all pilots. A hydraulic leak caused a premature end at Emmericher. "We have not had the Longrun is not ideal," he sighs in the face of the unfavorable preparation, but at least there is happiness in the misfortune and all-clear: "It is nothing that will affect our weekend." But even on the track felt the German not really well. With the new cars, the Highspeed Palace is a completely new challenge. "You start with a feeling that does not make you so happy," he explains in the face of the missing drive. However, as he progressed, he became more and more satisfied with the car and the balance: "The curves were not our problem today," he says. It is well-known that the Mercedes-drive vehicles have an advantage on the course, which consists mainly of long straights and crunchy braking points. That hurts Renault with the under-engine very much. "This time it will be difficult to be the Best of the Rest (seventh behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, editor) and aim for points," Jolyon Palmer does not expect such a good performance as in the last qualifying of Spa. Spa was not really a paradise of Renaults, but there was a stronger focus on qualifying than in the midfield competition, and it was even able to beat the favored Force India. However, this was at the expense of the topspeed in the race, which one would not risk in Monza. "We have to put something more on speed," says Palmer. "We can not keep up with Force India." Williams, by the way, with a Mercedes engine, can be seen as a hit. "We do not know what's going on with Williams, who have had problems recently," says Palmer, and therefore sees Q3 as a viable goal. A good result would also be essential in the World Cup: 35 points are only eighth place, but even fifth place (Williams with 45 points) is still within reach.


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