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The art of exchanging jerseys in the NFL. ... Now imagine receiving a different NFL jersey every week, ... “If a guy wants to swap a jersey, ...

Jersey swaps among elite NFL players are on the rise as a way to show respect for peers and to collect memorable keepsakes from their own careers.

Seahawks trade with opponents they respect for mementos of their NFL careers, ... Swapping jerseys after games ... players exchange jerseys with former college ...

Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is at the front of a jersey-swapping tradition that has overwhelmed the NFL.

Swapping jerseys with an opposing player has become as much a part of the N.F.L. postgame ritual as handshakes and prayer circles.

It's an international tradition that started more than 80 years ago, but the NFL's postgame jersey swapping craze has a new threat...

Darius Slay, Eric Ebron, Glover Quin among Lions who enjoy collecting fellow NFL players' jerseys

NFL players swapping jerseys like they were playing in the World Cup is nothing new, but there was something about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and New ...

The edict Tomlin handed down Tuesday apparently stems from his wanting players to be more discreet if they exchange jerseys Ã

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