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New Wheel Concept: Continental reinvents wheel for electric cars

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Gadgets



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New Wheel Concept (Photo: Continental)
New Wheel Concept (Photo: Continental)
Electric cars rarely have to brake, which is why the brakes quickly rust. This has a negative effect on the braking performance. Continental has therefore developed a new concept, which re-divides the wheel and axle and prevents the rust problem.

Continental has developed a new wheel and brake concept for electric vehicles. The New Wheel Concept is designed to ensure that the brake discs do not corrode, even if they are rarely used. The latter is a problem with electric cars because of the recuperation in conventional brake disk construction. That is why Continental uses a non-rusting brake disc made of aluminum, which is used for the entire service life of the wheel. Brake pads must, of course, be replaced. In the case of the disc itself, however, there are no longer any wear-out phenomena which require replacement.

The rim consists of two aluminum parts, the inner support, the brake disc and the outer rimbed with the tire. In contrast to conventional wheel brakes, the brake on the New Wheel Concept engages from inside the disc. This allows it to have a significantly larger diameter than conventional systems, which allows the use of an aluminum disc without the loss of brake performance.

    The second wheel of the New Wheel Concept reduces the weight of the wheel and brake and reduces service costs thanks to the Lifetime brake disc and easy pad change. (Picture: Continental)

Continental will be showing the New Wheel Concept at IAA 2017 in Frankfurt am Main (Hall 5.1, Stand A07 / A08).


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