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New start at Sauber: completely new car for 2018

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01. September 2017 – 11:46

At Sauber one would like to leave the remaining field 2018 no longer behind

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(cafetheology.org) – The 2017 Formula 1 season will probably end Sauber's tenth and last place. Magere five points one has currently the account, even McLaren on the penultimate place already collected more than twice as many counters. Under normal circumstances, Sauber will not be able to achieve another top 10 result this year either. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that it seems to be a big part of the season in Hinwil in the season 2018. "The whole team is already focusing on next year For example, Pascal Wehrlein, and team captain Marcus Ericsson, explains: "There are still a few tracks where performance plays a minor role, but we lose even in the corners when accelerating – from every corner exit "Similar to the new Teamchef Frederic Vasseur. "We're not going to get any new updates. There's a small one in Singapore, but nothing else," he says. After all, the last big update package of the year has delivered "good results" in Belgium. This was not so much reflected in the times, but the upgrade we had expected works.New engine, new car … The biggest disadvantage is for Sauber, of course, the previous year's engine from Ferrari. While all the other teams are constantly updating the drive, the Swiss team is driving the entire year with engines that are on the stand at the end of the 2016 season. At the end of the year, this disadvantage is no longer compensated by a good chassis. "We are losing more than 20 km / h on the straight line. That hurts," explains Ericsson. The good news: 2018 will change, then you will be back again with current drive from Ferrari – and not only that. According to Vasseur Sauber will build "a completely new car" for the 2018 season. "We have to start all over again," explains the new Teamchef.Denn the 2017er-car emerged under conceivably unfavorable conditions. Clean was in a financial crisis at the time the Bolide was designed. In addition, technician Jörg Zander came to the team only in November – too late to have an influence on the new car. "The 2017 car does not come from Jörg," also Vasseur makes clear again.More employees and cooperation with FerrariAuch that will change 2018. However, it will not be easy in the coming year as the other midfield teams will also make progress – and they already have a better base than Sauber. Vasseur is aware: "It's going to be difficult to get back into the midfield, it's a big step, and there are no major changes to the rules next year." "It's always difficult to set a goal," adds the Frenchman , Who is still aggressive and declares that he wants to fight again in the new year with the rest of the field. But he knows: "We must first close the gap." Ferrari, with whom there will be a larger cooperation in 2018, will help to do this. But, of course, Scuderia would not want to leave. At the moment, some 300 employees are working at Sauber, and another 100 will be added. According to Vasseur, "especially in the aero area" one wants to ramp up again. "It is not just about naked numbers," notes the team chef. Of course, it is also about quality – and as is well known is not so easy to find.Come still updates or not? However, Vasseur recalls that he also worked at Renault at the beginning of last season with a very small team, which then in the Had grown fairly quickly. "Frederic is helping to find new engineers, he is a respected name," says Ericsson optimistically, explaining, "There are always new people coming in the factory." […] I feel now optimism in the factory. "


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