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New spectator record, new name: 167,000 fans in Monza

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

September 4, 2017 – 8:45 am
The Autodromo Nazionale will in the future be heard in the name of a mineral oil company – the Royal Park attracted a third more spectators than in the previous year
(cafetheology.org) – The Italian Grand Prix last weekend was an audience success for the circuit responsible. Throughout the race weekend the Royal Park in Monza lined 167,000 spectators, 27,000 more than a year ago. Liberty Medias Marketingchef Sean Bratches is enthusiastic: "The record numbers confirm how the Formula 1 stimulates the imagination of the people," he says. "An increase of one-third compared to 2016 is unbelievable." In addition, Monza also increased his home record from 2013 by 15.7 per cent, with the tension in the world championship, the strengthening of the Ferrari team and the Attractiveness of the novellated Formula One cars. Alone on the day of racing, 75,000 fans lined the grounds – 5,000 more than a year ago. On Thursday it was 12,000, on Friday 34,000 and on Saturday 46,000 despite the continuous rain, which bridges Bratches special respect. But for the last financially troubled organizers the weekend was not only because of the full house a sign for the future. Monza announced a sponsorship event: Autodromo Nazionale will be called "Monza Eni Circuit" for the next three years. The mineral oil company known in Germany as Agip has surprisingly secured the name rights on the traditional track until the season 2019. This is the second track in the current formula after the former Austrian ring in Spielberg (formerly A1-Ring, now Red Bull Ring) -1 calendar with sponsor in the name. "With the partnership, Eni is helping to protect one of the oldest circuits in the world," argues Claudio Granata, who is in the process of attacking traditionalists, whom the deal is a thorn in the eye. However, for Monza, the red numbers of the past will have given little alternatives to the example from the football business.


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