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New Formula 1 calendar: 40 requests flown into the house

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

08 September 2017 – 09:33
Sean Bratches, the Sean Bratches, is setting the course for the new calendar: 40 prospective customers have applied, but the royal class wants to be proactive

Sean Bratches has to look after some interested venues

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(cafetheology.org) – The entry of Liberty Media seems to have a positive effect on the Formula One brand, because interest in the royal class is growing again. According to Marketing Manager Sean Bratches, there have been around 40 signatures of potential venues since his commissioning seven months ago. "This is extremely encouraging," he says contentedly. At the same time, one wants to react more proactively in the case of Formula 1 in the event of host cities and find the best possible options, rather than wait until offers flutter into the house. It is no secret that the owner wants to focus more on centers of major cities where the big fan masses can be picked up.Extra created routes in deserts or on marshes that found their way into the calendar in the past years are noisy Bratches in the future rather not to expect. "We will have a division between city races, historical routes and newly built courses," he says. "Our next focus is on further urban races, because we think that from our perspective it is a very attractive plan." Speaking of the division: In the future the Grands Prix will also be divided well into the calendar. This means that Formula 1 will not suddenly want to travel back to Canada and back again in the middle of the European season, which means that transport costs will be saved. "At the moment, we are jumping across the globe without any thoughtful thinking," said Bratches, who would like to have a Europe, an Asia and an America block.

A total of 14 new routes have visited Formula 1 since the 2000 season – but many of them have already disappeared from the calendar …
since 2000

24.09.2000: Grand Prix of the USA in Indianapolis. The first premier race of Formula 1 after the turn of the century is actually none. The Grand Prix of the USA had already set up several racetracks, and between 1950 and 1960, the Indianapolis 500 numbered Formula 1. In 2000, however, the pilots started the 4.129-kilometer circuit which connects the famous oval with a street circuit.

This would not only have logistical advantages but also positive sides for the fans, as he says: "You can tell a fan that he has to get up early in the next two or three months to see the Grands Prix It will be lunch and then night, which is quite interesting for the navigation of the fans, "explains the Marketingchef. And even for sponsors who are only active in Europe, the block formation might be worthwhile. Now, Media has to try to set up the best possible calendar. When new venues are added, old ones have to be dropped, even if the speech of 25 races a year is always the same. "We love all of our children," Bratches officially does not see a shaky candidate, "but when we look at the regional breakdown, some will fall out and some will be added to maximize the possibilities of the Grands Prix."


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