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New flag-to-flag change is tested in Silverstone

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 20:11

The motorcycles are no longer parallel to each other in the new system

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(cafetheology.org) – The chaotic situations during the flag-to-flag change at the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic caused many discussions. Within the framework of the Austrian weekend, various proposals were discussed to make the change of motorbike safer for the mechanics and drivers. Now, on the first training day in Silverstone after the second session in the afternoon a new suggestion in practice tried. First, it is only a test. "I do not know if I can say that, but we will test something for FP2," Marc Marquez confirmed in the press conference. "I think it's official, it's a new system, and after I've tried it, I'll share my opinion about it, I do not like it on paper, but I'd like to try it first." Some parameters required for the motorcycle change. The two motorcycles should not be parallel to each other in the pit lane. Instead, the driver will turn in a more acute angle towards the box. Afterwards, he has to descend and cross over to the second motorcycle, which is no longer parallel to the pit lane, but with the nose at an oblique angle in the direction of travel. Skipping from one bike to another should not be possible any more. In addition, a mechanic with a lollipop sign will be posted in front of the second motorcycle, giving the driver the free sign. Since the motorcycle is in a more inclined angle, the driver can also better look over whether a motorcycle is coming into the pit lane. The aim of this new system is to avoid situations such as between Aleix Espargaro and Andrea Iannone in Brno. There Espargaro could not see the Suzuki. Iannone crashed and some mechanics were lucky. "We did not find a clear solution in the safety commission among the riders", Andrea Dovizioso reports of the many discussions and proposals. "We have been proposing a lot, but we have not come to any solution, so the teams have been looking for a solution that we will test tomorrow, not everyone is happy, so it is good to try something out And speak negative things and make a decision. "


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