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New Firmware: Zwangsupdate for DJIs Spark-drone against crashes

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

The new Spark drones from DJI need a new firmware. Still this week, the company wants to release the new firmware 01.00.0600. At the same time, the manufacturer is in a hurry with the update, which is only intended to improve flight safety. To get the users to update, DJI sets them a deadline. Anyone who has not installed the update until September 1, 2017 can not start the drone and will be forced to update the firmware.

The reason for the rush is probably due to crash reports. DJI's new drone simply falls from the sky after the device has switched off in flight. DJI's goal is to minimize the damage that the company would have to deal with. And, of course, a crashing drone is not dangerous for people who are under it, even if the spark weighs only 300 grams. A few details of the firmware update give an indication of the cause. DJI not only updates the drone but also the batteries. This indicates that the batteries set the supply of the drone too early or report their capacity incorrectly. Both then automatically lead to a crash.
Battery update possible without drone
The batteries do not have to be plugged into the drone for the update. If you want, you can also upgrade the energy dispenser from the computer using the DJI Assistant software, which is especially useful for users who manage a larger number of batteries.

In addition to the critical bug fixes, DJI also improves the drone in detail areas. So the start from the palm of the hand should work better and the drone more stable fly. The accuracy of the control should also have been improved in some scenarios. The DJI goggles are also supported.
Further information including version numbers can be found in the Spark PDF Release Notes. The Android and iOS apps are also updated.


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