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New demands – Massive criticism after diesel summit in Germany News

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 | Economy

"The automobile industry has to go down from its high steed and again to fulfill its responsibility for society and for its customers," said Volker Kauder (CDU) of the "Passauer Neuen Presse" (Thursday). Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD) said the "Bild" newspaper, for the industry now begin the period of probation. "Further measures must follow." With regard to possible driving bans in several cities, he emphasized: "The legal requirements for air pollution apply."
At the diesel summit, the German manufacturers had announced new exhaust gas software for around 5.3 million cars to reduce the emissions of the nitrogen oxide sweetener. Among them are 2.5 million vehicles from Volkswagen, for which after the scandal around manipulated exhaust-gas values ​​were already retrofitted.
However, the industry was dismissed from additional engine conversions, which would be much more expensive. The manufacturers want to boost the purchase of new, clean cars with premiums, which they themselves pay. On this Thursday the leaders of several Bundestagsausschüsse will be informed by the Federal Government about the summit results.
Green disappointed
The Greens were disappointed. "With their refusal to carry out effective retrofitting at the manufacturers, the Union and the SPD are responsible for driving bans, which are likely to be enforced now," said Fraunhofer Oliver Krischer of the German Press Agency. Left-chef Bernd Riexinger called the summit a farce. Instead of showing clear edge, one had to be fed up with the voluntary pledge of software updates.
The SPD demanded more pace in the development of new drives. "In order to finally have more electric vehicles, we need a fixed quota for the manufacturers, how many electric vehicles have to produce them proportionally to the total fleet," said Sören Bartol. For small and medium-sized companies, there should be special tax depreciations for fleet conversions on electric vehicles.
"Puppet Show"
The head of the consumer center federation, Klaus Müller, said that the federal government and the automobile sector had "pushed the summit". The opportunity was lost to meet customers with compensation, binding guarantees and clear information. The President of the Deutsches Städtetags, Eva Lohse, told the "Rheinische Post" (Thursday): "We want to avoid driving bans, but they are not completely off the table." The key to ensuring that this does not happen lies with the car manufacturers.
Jürgen Resch, head of the German Environment Agency, criticized the diesel summit as a "Marionettenshow of the federal government, countries and the car industry". The autococracy of the policy dictated the result the day before. "The Diesel summit was a pure show event, it's just a matter of trying to save the Bundestag on September 24," Resch told the Passauer Neue Presse. There is a "continuation of the previous marriage-like relations between the automobile industry and politics". In the end, the car industry decides on questions of air pollution and CO2 requirements.
"It is a witch hunt initiated by lobbyists in Brussels and Berlin, which is particularly detrimental to Germany as a business location and thus endangers around one million jobs. "


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