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Netgear EX8000: WLAN repeater amplifies network in three bands

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

Netgear, the network peripheral manufacturer, has introduced the Nighthawk X6S EX8000, a WLAN repeater with triband functionality. It operates according to the standard 802.11c at the same time in the 2.4 GHz frequency range and in two different 5 GHz channels. Netgear provides a maximum combined speed of 3 Gbit / s.

Since it is a WLAN repeater, which is intended to amplify the WLAN signal, the actual speed will be significantly lower. Even routers as signal sources in practice usually do not reach 3 GBit / s. A repeater halves this speed mostly to increase the range.
Use as access point possible
However, the device on the back can also be connected with wired Gigabit Ethernet, which makes the indicated data throughput more realistic. The repeater can also switch to the access point mode, which is connected directly to the local LAN. For this purpose, he has integrated an Ethernet switch with four RJ-45 jacks, to which game consoles, televisions or other devices can be connected. The USB port is fitted with a USB printer, which the repeater makes visible in the network.

    Netgear EX8000 (Picture: Netgear)

EX8000 has six antennas built for wireless communication and has multi-user MIMO. On the product images, the antennas are housed in the device and do not protrude at the sides. In addition, a four-core professor calculates in the housing. This should be able to stream about 4K content. The status of the wireless network and the signal strength can be viewed via a WLAN Analytics app. The software is available only for Android devices.

The EX8000 is already available in stores. With the Netgear partner Cyberport, the device is available for about 200 euros to buy.


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