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Native network Outbrain assumes start-up Zemanta

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Native network Outbrain today announced the takeover of the Slovenian start-up Zemanta, based in New York. Outbrain, which, according to its own data, submits more than 275 billion content recommendations per month and reaches around 1 billion users worldwide, does not want to comment on the purchase price.

          Zemanta has announced the release of the leading Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) for Native Advertising, which is now integrated into the Outbrain network. Numerous agencies have already carried out their Native-Programmatic bookings through Zemanta's DSP. It is also passed on after the takeover as an independent product, it is said. In 2007 Zemanta was founded by Bostjan Spetic and Andraz Tori, who today are CPO and CTO of the company. CEO is Todd Sawicki, who came in 2013. Today the company has 30 employees and operates four offices in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Ljubljana in Slovenia. The start-up is funded by the New York venture venture capitalist, Union Square Ventures, as well as by the two London investors, Seedcamp and Eden Ventures. So far, according to "Crunchbase" nearly 9 million dollars have come together. After the takeover, Zemanta is now aiming for a global expansion. "Under the umbrella of Outbrain, we will expand the Zemanta One Native DSP and build on the features that have made our DSP the best platform for programmatic native bookings," said CEO Sawicki. "Together we have the resources and the size to demonstrate how Native Advertising forms the foundation of the next online advertising phase." Outbrain is one of those tech vendors who end up making online articles small text image boxes Which refer either to other posts on the site or to other sites of the publisher. Or advertising show whether as paid content offers or ad. Just a few months ago, Outbrain was able to win the Spiegel Group as a customer and since then has been providing its portals Spiegel Online, Manager Magazin Online and Bento with small-scale advertising widgets. ron




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