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Nasa probe "Cassini" overthrown in Saturn

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | World News

After more than ten years of research at the Saturn, the Nasa space probe has been spectacularly adopted. "Cassini" rushed controlled to Saturn.

The last signal from the probe went to the US Nasa control center in Pasadena, Calif., On Friday at 1:15 pm CEST after being received by an antenna in the Australian Canberra. "Our space ship has reached the atmosphere of Saturn and we have received the last transmission," the Nasa told Twitter via Twitter. "" Cassini "is now a part of the planet she's studied, thanks for research."

The 2125 kilogram heavy probe should break like a meteor during its crash and then burn the parts in the atmosphere. To date, several scientific instruments had worked on board "Cassini" and data were sent to earth. Until a signal from Saturn arrives on Earth, 86 minutes pass. "I hope you are all as deeply proud of this great achievement, a great mission, a great space ship and a great team," said Earl Maize, the director of the organization, after the last signal from the Control Center. "I now announce the end of the mission."

"Cassini's farewell had to be
The departure from "Cassini" had become necessary, because the fuel of the probe was as good as all. To prevent any contamination of the moons of Saturn, Nasa decided to let "Cassini" burn in the atmosphere of the planet. "" Cassini showed us the beauty of Saturn. It has produced the best in us. Now we have to explore further, "said Nasa on Twitter." Every time we see Saturn at the Nachthimmel, we will remember. We'll smile. And we will want to return. "

The flight director Julie Webster throws her hands in the air, after the last signal of the space probe "Cassini" entered. (Source: Jae C. Hong / dpa)

 It was a goodbye with "a laughing and a crying eye," said Nasa manager Michael Watkins. "For us from the" Cassini "team, nothing will be the same as now, when the space ship is no longer flying," added his colleague Linda Spilker.

For 20 years "Cassini" was on duty
"Cassini" had started in 1997 from the Cape Canaveral space railway station and arrived in the orbit of Saturn in 2004. At the end of the mission, she had dived 22 times between the planet and its rings – a region that had never previously been a probe. The thousands of employees from 17 countries participated in the approximately 3.2 billion dollar mission.

The discoveries of the probe, which had first ventured into the region of the Saturn rings, had inspired scientists and revolutionized the knowledge of the planet and its rings. "Cassini" had, for example, an ocean on the moon Enceladus, which might possibly live there, and discovered liquid methane lakes on the moon Titan. "Everything has changed," said Nasa manager Thomas Zurbuchen. "It shook our views through surprising places where one could look for potential life outside the earth."

Therefore, the end of "Cassini" was actually actually a beginning, said his colleague Spilker. "" Cassini "is gone, but her scientific treasure will continue to occupy us for years, so far we've only scratched the surface of the mountain, which the probe left us in her lifetime."


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