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Munich-based agency Blue Summit to become partner of Google Doubleclick

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Blue Summit agency from Munich, specialized in performance marketing, may now call certified partners of Google Doubleclick. As one of the few players in Germany, the company is now able to access the product portfolio of the worldwide online marketing provider from Mountain View.

          Specifically, BlueSmith customers now have new tools, such as the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, the global real-time market for mobile web, mobile app, video, and desktop ads; the Doubleclick Bid Manager, the Demand Side Platform (DSP) for the central purchasing of display, video and native inventory; the DoubleClick Campaign Manager for the planning, control, measurement and optimization of digital campaigns; the DoubleClick Creative Solutions to create dynamic advertising, and Doubleclick Search to manage and optimize search engine marketing across multiple search engines. To become a certified partner of the search giant is not quite that simple. For example, companies must be able to prove that they have expertise with the Google tools as well as show customer growth. "With Blue Summit, we have been able to win one of the leading German agencies in performance marketing as a partner," says Chris Weny, Platform Ecosystem Manager DACH at Doubleclick. In addition to Blue Summit, there are only about a dozen certified Doubleclick partners Deloitte Digital, Explido and Media Monks. "Doubleclick's Certified Marketing Partner is the confirmation of our future-oriented data-driven approach," said Axel Schönau, Managing Director of Blue Summit. "With DoubleClick as a partner, we are able to develop, implement and optimize campaigns across the entire spectrum of the digital spectrum for our customers, both nationally and internationally." For Blue Summit, a very successful year 2017 continues. In June it was announced that the 200-strong agency was able to push through Media Markt's online media budget in a pitch against Plan.Net. The Munich-based companies are thus taking care of all media-market performance channels – from search to social to performance display. Plan.-Net had managed Media-Markt, one of the largest advertisers here since 2007. ron





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