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Movement restricted: Bradl start at Lausitzring uncertain

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Sports

18. August 2017 – 21:36

Schock fr Stefan Bradl: Trembling to take part in the Lausitzring

© Honda

(cafetheology.org) – Although nothing has been broken, Stefan Bradl has not missed the fall in the 2nd free practice of the Superbike World Championship (WSBK) on the Lausitzring without any bruises. The Honda driver came to a fall on an lspur of Alex Lowes' Yamaha. Although he has not broken anything in the accident, a thick swelling is currently affecting the mobility of his arm. Bradl was investigated at the Medical Center and has to be back at the race doctor on Saturday morning. The former MotoGP pilot was unusually early on a qualifying simulation on the road, since from the west, clouds already appeared, which spilled shortly after Bradl's fall over the Lausitzring. "This fall came without warning," the 27-year-old says, criticizing the route points. "There were neither yellow nor red-yellow-striped flags." He notes that, especially when driving on motorways, routeposts should immediately warn the following drivers with appropriate flag signals. Bradl is striking at about 160 km / h and is sure that if the flag signals were correct the fall would have been avoided. "It was a pretty wild take-off, with my left elbow kicking violently," he notes. So he had to check-in at the Medical Center. The news came from the X-ray: No break. However, the Honda pilot drew an inner bruise and a heavy bruise, which is not only extremely painful, but also limits the motor skills of his arm. As she presses on the nerve too, Bradl is tingling in the hand. A start in the two races on Saturday and Sunday is uncertain. "It's very annoying, because I felt very strong and it is my home race," says Bradl. "Unfortunate could not end the start in the weekend. I hope very much that I can go tomorrow."


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