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Motors 2021: Power and sound goes without V8!

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 | Sports

13. August 2017 – 12:21

Drives too complicated? The Honda example could be a deterrent

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(cafetheology.org) – While the Formula 1 teams are supposed to leave the work during the current summer break, the motors regulation 2021 will be filed in the background. After the second meeting of the "Engine Working Group" in Paris in July, Formula 1 sports coach Ross Brawn and the involved FIA managers will enter into individual talks with the manufacturers involved in the talks in order to tap the exact point of interest and the wishes. "It was a great meeting, there were a lot of parties at the table," says Mercedes-Motorsportchef Toto Wolff. In addition to Ferrari, Honda, Renault and Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin as well as the independent engine smugglers Ilmor and Cosworth were also part of the meeting. According to Wolff "very constructive" talks one thing was very clear: between the interests of the manufacturers and the private providers lie Welt.Cosworth and Ilmor do not have the high development budgets like the big automobile manufacturers. The small engine forging should therefore be cost-effective solutions, preferably without hybrid elements. Should one not be able to dispense with the electric drives in the overall structure, then components from Cosworth and Co. should be used. This is precisely the case with manufacturers, who only get their high budgets approved when the development of technology is at the forefront. Manufacturers want to demonstrate technology "The big OEMs – even Porsche – say: energy recovery and energy deployment everywhere. And and and ", says Toto Wolff. "We have made a good start, basically we want to stay with the current architecture, but we have to look at where we use standard parts and how we can improve the sound and how we have a performance weight that is at least as good as today not better."

Helmut Marko wants to have all the drives on the same level

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Klartext: Maintaining the basic concept with a 1.6-liter V6 turbo-combustion engine is as good as solid. The wishes of Red Bull Motorsport boss Helmut Marko or Aston Martin, which would have a large-volume suction engine – possibly even a V12 – are not met. "It would be a mistake to stop any development of technology in the powertrains," says Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne in the 'Gazzetta dello Sport', deputizing for all manufacturers. "I have just as much told the gentlemen of Liberty," he says The Italo-Canadians. "Either we let ourselves be a little clever, in which development is possible, or we forget it. These thinking approaches, simply to omit the hybrid technology and bring back a twelve-cylinder vacuum, are completely outdated." Honda, Mercedes, Renault, and potential prospective customers from Porsche and Audi are all looking the other way: loud, uninhibited, with twelve-million-pound take-offs "Volkswagen has been a major contributor to the old engine regulations, Long-distance, touring car, DTM and Formula 1. We know what has become a reality: nothing, "says Red Bull consul- tant Helmut Marko in conversation with 'cafetheology.org'. "They were massively involved in the regulation, but without getting involved, and now there must be regulations, I hope that will soon be the case." "The most important thing is that the independent manufacturers are able To build an engine capable of driving within a one percent difference in performance at a reasonable cost-benefit-calculation, which is enormously important for the Formula One product, "explains the Austrian. "Manufacturers come and go, but what if Mercedes decides to stop them, then there are three teams without motors." "If it goes to Aston Martin, it would have to be a twelve-cylinder engine, we are realistic enough to know that this is not possible", says Cosworth, Ilmor, or even Porsche, if the "Zuffenhausener" , Marko admits openly. It is clear to all concerned that the big manufacturers have to allow some space for the development and presentation of technology – it can not be too expensive, because the drive packages are to be available for a maximum of twelve million US dollars per year. What is to be for this money from 2021? "Many fans demand a return to the old naturally aspirated engines, because they can make noise and allow high engine speeds," says Formula 1 sports coach Ross Brawn. "So we have to ask ourselves the question: Can we create a hybrid drive that is so loud, has similar speeds, and just as much turns on, and that everyone is aware that this is a core element "" It will be interesting for the Formula 1, "he says," and that is exactly what will be interesting for Formula One Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. "The new rules will be valid for eight to ten years from 2021. So we have to look at what's going to be relevant by the year 2030. Who is driving a car? So you have to find answers to the questions of 2030. "

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