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Moto3 Silverstone: Aron Canet triumphs after race break

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Sports

27. August 2017 – 14:58

Aron Canet has a good laugh: The Honda driver wins a crazy Silverstone race

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(cafetheology.org) – This is probably the luck of the capable: Aron Canet storms in a more than tight Moto3 race at Silverstone from grid position 17 to victory. The Honda driver from the Estrella-Galicia team is celebrating his third season at the Grand Prix of Great Britain, before team-mate Enea Bastianini. Jorge Martin (Honda) is third, who despite his injury to the podium in Spielberg can also cheer in Silverstone. The race had been broken off in the last round with the red flag, after just before a collision between Juanfran Guevara and Bo Bendsneyder (both KTM) had come. While the latter could run away from the accident site independently, Guevara remained motionless. He was still provided by ambulances on the spot. The race management decided to leave early. The result is the same as in round 16. Polesetter Romano Fenati (Honda) was initially able to beat the competition and keep the lead. But as a result, she changed constantly. Guevara and his team-mate Gabriel Rodrigo (KTM), World Championship leader Joan Mir (Honda) and Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) were at the top of the lead group, which stretched to position 23 until a few laps before the finish Cheers, Jorge Martin is disappointed. Because of the fact that it was already in the early stages of position battling and overtaking, none of the leaders could escape a gap, which left the race completely open until the end. Although Martin tried to escape in the third round, but could not leave without wind shadows. Anyone who had made up a strategy for the last round was eventually braked by the Red Flag. The cannon of the crash was Canet. "I am very happy because it was a difficult race for me because of the bad starting position, but I was able to overtake another rider and finish the second position," says the Spaniard. "I thought I could attack in the last two rounds, and I could then cross the finish line, then the Red Flag came out." While Canet was on the podium five times this season, team-mate Bastianini is the first podium. "It was a tough season so far, but today was fantastic," he says. "I was able to fix a few problems with the bike, it's really great, the last lap was very hard, I tried to get fourth, but the red flag changed everything, I'm very happy about the podium, that's very much Important for me. "Philipp Öttl in Silverstone on rank nineMartin is not quite satisfied with his third place. "I'm very frustrated," admits the Honda driver. "I pushed the whole race hard and had a lot of tires left, as I opened the throttle very cautiously, I had a plan, as I was third in the last round, but then the red flag came out, which was a pity "I was really strong and now I'm trying to be competitive in Misano." Knocked on the podium in Silverstone Rodrigo, who is in fourth place, but his best season result so far. World Championship leader Me drove to fifth place in front of his team colleague Livio Loi. My overall score thus continues to lead me and now has 64 points ahead of the new World Cup Second Canet (162). Fenati, who did not get beyond seventh place in Silverstone, is on three points with 160 points. Scotty Racer Andrea Migno (KTM) finished eighth. The German Philipp Öttl (KTM) made it to a respectable ninth place after his podium success by Spielberg. Fabio DiGiannantonio (Honda), who was temporarily on top, lost ground repeatedly due to repeated mistakes. Ultimately, however, it was enough for the tenth place. John McPhee (Honda) finished his home race as 13th. Antonelli still fell back to 17th.


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