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Moto3 Matchmaking: Joan Mir wins, Philipp ttl Second

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 | Sports

13. August 2017 – 12:06

In the eleventh race Joan Mir won for the seventh time

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(cafetheology.org) – Leopard pilot Joan Mir (Honda) dominates the Moto3 season 2017 at will. The Spaniard secured his seventh victory this year in the Red Bull Ring in Austria and the third triumph in a row. I had the competition under control and drove three seconds ahead of the pursuer group over the goal line. Philip ttl. The German maintained himself in the final phase in the big group and conquered the second podium of his career. This ensured ttl also for the home race of KTM for a podium place of the Austrian brand. Jorge Martin (Honda) was the third victor. The Austrian Maximilian Kofler (KTM) finished his first Grand Prix on 23rd place. This was not the last hope of the Alpine Republic, as he kept the Finnish Patrik Pulkkinen (Peugeot) from the German Prstel team in check. From the German point of view ttl showed his best race in a long time. Coming from the starting grid eight, he was in the turbulent first race together with Mir (starting point 12) by the big group of top riders. After ten rounds I took the lead for the first time and was able to take the lead in the lead, as the youngsters behind it gave many duels and berholmanver. Ttl mixed vigorously and sat at the top of this group. I drove up front and away.For five laps before the race, ttl was able to get the decisive tenth at the top of the chasers. Without mistake he drove the second place home. "In the races before the summer break, I was always on my own, always behind the lead group, I always pushed, today I thought I had to do it again," says ttl at the Parc Ferme. "I've tried everything, and it worked out, but I'm a blunders error, so I could not follow Me any more, it was just so fast today, but maybe next time." 21-year-old is the second podium place after Indianapolis 2015 (third place) and the best result of his career. Ttl could not catch up with me in the last race. Partly the Spaniard had up to four and a half seconds ahead. Souvern spun Me off and took a big step towards the World Championship, because Romano Fenati (Honda) collected only three World Championship points as 13th. "The hard work and Constance always pays off," Mir answers the question , Why he is so strong this year. "For the whole weekend I felt really good on the bike, the qualifying was not quite my strength, but in the end I was able to build a good rhythm, to win a race with such a lead is always special, I had a great bike Today, thank you to the team. "Romano Fenati after mistake only 13.Fenati made the decisive mistake in the third round. The Italian braked and had to take a wide bow in the asphalted run-out zone. As a result, Fenati fell back to position 18 and was able to make up only five positions. He was also only one of four riders with the soft rear tire. Thus, Fenati lost ground on Me in the World Cup ranking. The Spaniard now has a soothing 64 points lead – so more than two Grand Prix victories. There were disappointed faces in the Ajo KTM box. Niccolo Antonelli was shot down in Turn 4 by Tatsuki Suzuki. Bo Bendsneyder, who at the beginning was a strong member of the top group, was in the first lap, braked 8 laps before the race in turn 1 and also marched the John McPhee ahead of him. For both the race was over. A total of nine riders were eliminated. The next Grand Prix will take place on 27 August in Silverstone (Great Britain).

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