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Mossad's hunting for Josef Mengele is to be published

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | World News

The Israeli intelligence service has hunted the concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele for decades. However, the Mossad could never get hold of it. Now an Israeli newspaper announces the publication of the file.

In the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp, Mengele was responsible for the cruelest medical experiments and was notorious under the name of the "Death Knight of Auschwitz". After the war he was able to escape to Argentina and Brazil to Brazil. In 1979 he drowned in a seaside resort in the coastal town of Bertioga in the state of São Paulo.

No opinion from Mossad
The newspaper "Jediot Achronot" now announces a dossier for Friday, in which the Mossad's hunt for the Nazi criminals is to be portrayed – the act of the secret service should be the basis. At first the Mossad did not comment.

  The file is about how a "combat unit" discovered a man who looked like Mengele on July 23, 1962, at a farm south of São Paulo. They had sent an urgent telegram to Israel, wrote "ynet". But they would not get permission to do anything. In addition, the Mossad had tried to hire a lover to Mengele's wife and planned to kidnap the son of a contact from Mengele to get to him.

The place where Mengeles was supposed to have been known since 1962
In 2010, a former Mossad agent had said the intelligence service had known since 1962 that the concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele was submerged in Brazil. "I was with another agent in Brazil in 1962, and we confirmed that Mengele was under false identity in the São Paulo area," said Rafi Eitan, the 83-year-old former, to the Folha de São Paulo newspaper. Subsequently preparations for the capture of Mengeles were launched, but the Israeli government finally renounced this.


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