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More than half a second: Bottas rtselt over reckoning

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

August 26, 2017 – 21:03
Pole-setter Lewis Hamilton takes Valtteri Bottas in the qualifying session in Spa more than half a second – The Finn can not explain the big declining

Bottas is not happy with his big back on Pole-Setter Hamilton

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(cafetheology.org) – Valtteri Bottas will enter the race in Spa on Sunday from grid position three. It's a bit less worrying than the 0.541 seconds that were missing in the qualifier on pole setter Lewis Hamilton. The Finn was able to beat his team-mates in the qualifying this season in twelve competitions already five times. But in Belgium, he was completely unchallenged against the superficial Hamilton. "For some reason, I was not really close enough to fight for the pole all weekend," bottas bottled after the qualifying and added: "Of course, Lewis was really strong, but I'm not really sure why I did not get close enough, I still have to find the answers, the balance of the car was really good. "One explanation:" There was a lot of grip on the bike Lost time." In fact, Bottas was in Sept. 1 and 3 in qualifying approximately on the same level as Hamilton. The half second he lost almost exclusively in the curvy middle sector. Now he hopes in the race to "leave at least one of the two" pilots before him still behind. In the world championship Bottas already has 33 or 19 points back on Sebastian Vettel resp. Hamilton. He can not afford to make a lot of returns – even if he does not see it so dramatically. "Of course, we are all fighting for the title," the Finn said, "there are still nine races, so there are still a lot of points to be awarded." "This is just one race – but every race counts." He is aware of this and promises, "Of course, I will try to win positions, and we know that it is a strong course for us as a team, and we need to take advantage of this as a team." But Bottas, but on Sunday, at least to some extent to the level of Hamilton come …


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