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More than 100 police officers search for perpetrators

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | World News

Three people are shot dead in a village near Rottweil, including a six-year-old who was trained just hours before. His father shall be the perpetrator. He's on the run. The mother saved herself from a neighbor.

In a family drama, a 40-year-old is reported to have shot his six-year-old son, the new companion of his ex and his cousin. A three-year-old girl, who had been hiding, survived the attack uninjured. "We have been able to give the child his parents safely," reports Straub, who does not reveal any details.

Still another person is lucky on this evening: Another visitor to the party brings drinks. When he returns, the celebration has turned into a catastrophe. The alleged offender is on the run. More than 100 police officers are looking for the offender, if he is still alive, is unclear.

  The police and the prosecutor's office assume a relationship. Cold-blooded and abruptly, the death guard opened the fire on his victims on Thursday evening. "The persons should have had no chance of escaping," said Rolf Straub, chief of investigation, on Friday at a press conference in Villingendorf near Rottweil. The perpetrator fired from a long weapon, probably from the former Yugoslav army. It should be assumed that he still carries the weapon with him.

The investigators also bound the neighboring countries into the search for the alleged offender. The authorities in Austria, France and Switzerland were informed as well as the neighboring country of Bavaria, said Straub.

 The 40-year-old should first have fled with a small car with a license (county Constance). The suspected escape vehicle had been found in the municipality of Herrenzimmern near the scene of the crime, said the investigator. This is now the main focus. "Unfortunately, we have no indications of the stay (at the moment). Of course, we are using other criminal-tactical measures such as the review of the personal environment."

The police are looking for a suspicious photo of the murderer in Villingendorf (Baden-Wuerttemberg). (Source: Police Department Tuttlingen / dpa)

The six-year-old boy had been trained only a few hours before the crime. On Friday his first regular school day would have been, as the primary school confirmed. The mother and a man went to school on Thursday with the boy, reported neighbors.

The fugitive should still have a weapon
The fugitive Croatian is still to have the weapon with him. Wanted was along the motorways, but also in a forest near the crime scene. Shots have also been heard there in the early morning hours. A helicopter circled over the place. 20 crew cars drove at noon with Blaulicht through the village. Several police officers imposed their anti-terrorism protection.

"We have never seen anything like this in our church and never wanted to experience it. I am stunned and perplexed," said Mayor Karl-Heinz Bucher. The family had lived in the Schwarzwaldgemeinde for about half a year. There were no conspicuities.


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