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"More important than tanks and drones"

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | World News

SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz wants to invest 12 billion euros from federal funds in schools with a "national education alliance" and to provide school-leaving certificates equivalent to those in Germany.

"The future of the country decides on the formation of our children," said Schulz of Bild am Sonntag. Therefore "better education is the core task for me as a chancellor". According to a cornerstone paper that Schulz has worked out together with the seven SPD minister presidents and the newspaper is, the Confederation is to get new competencies in school education. On Monday, Schulz plans to present the corner paper at the Willy-Brandt-Haus in Berlin.

"More important than tanks and drones"
In the direction of the Union, the SPD chancellor candidate said: "We do not want 30 billion for armament, we are billions in education." Good kindergartens and schools are "more important than tanks and drones" for the future.

  "I want the Federation and the Länder to finally work together in school politics," said Schulz. "When it comes into the school, the local politicians point to the national policy, and to the federal level." This is "madness," criticized the SPD chancellor candidate. "People are not interested, but the states."

The 1000 schools program
In recent months, Schulz has repeatedly demanded the end of the ban on cooperation between the Federal Government and the Länder on education policy. In addition, he promised, in the event of his election victory, a "1000 Schools Program" to help the poorest schools in Germany.

 Curriculum, learning requirements and the severity of the examinations in the individual Länder are to be approximated in order to ensure comparable school degrees for Germany as well as to facilitate relocations between two federal states for families with children. According to the Chancellor's plans, the SPD wants to put some € 12 billion out of the surplus of public budgets into education.


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