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Monza: "World Class" -Ricciardo lands before Hamilton

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

(cafetheology.org) – Not Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton but the fourth-placed Daniel Ricciardo was the best rider at the race on Sunday in Monza. This is the result of our traditional grading, which at least tries to evaluate the performance of the pilots in isolation from external factors such as material or unhappy circumstances. Previously, the users of the official Formula 1 website had chosen the Red Bull driver to be the man of the race. Ricciardo leads our testimony with a total score of 1.4, whereby he receives a 1 from expert Christian Klien and the editorial team , In addition there is an average score of 2.2 of nearly 600 users who took part in the evaluation. "The best way to get a good look is the maneuver against Kimi Raikkonen," says Klien: "What a action!" "Ricciardo is not the fastest of the two Red Bull drivers:" Stops have the better ground speed than Ricciardo, he has the same aggressive style as Hamilton, but he's faster on a lap. " in the race is not to be underestimated in the race, his racing intelligence and his class at overtaking are world class, so he has the upper hand over staves, which certainly has to do with experience. " "For example, he could have been waiting for a round in the disastrous contact with Felipe Massa because he was so much faster, and he's still a bit impetuous," says Klien. The former Grand Prix driver has the best score 1 – just like the editorial team – a second time, to Hamilton. Between the two users gave the ruling about place one and two. And Ricciardo scored 2.2 to 2.6 significantly better than Hamilton. His performance in Monza was almost perfect – not only in the race, but also in the rainy qualifying. Klien: "He scooped Ferrari for the party because he really had everything under control, and especially the Monza were the paradise for Mercedes, but Lewis is also on a high-flying ride." "What he got in a qualifying round for a round , shows that everything is at his current moment, "analyzes Klien. In the crucial phase of the World Cup, he and his team are determined to find out who are the drivers at Mercedes and Ferrari: "Hamilton and Vettel get the point when it comes to the point, which has a lot to do with mental strength." Spa-Francorchamps, "a miserable weekend," says Klien, and the Finn generally hesitates: "Sometimes he's very good, sometimes he's bad but I think the title fight is now on Hamilton, against Vettel, and I think Mercedes will now be betting on Hamilton, and they have to. "Botta's fifth place (2.3) , just behind Youngsters Esteban Ocon and Lance Stroll (both 2,1). In the fight for the 2017 overall victory, in which we place the points in the same way as the "real" world championship (25 points for the winner of a race, 18 for second place, etc.), Bottas is ranked third with 112 points. Sebastian Vettel (214) and Hamilton (178) also gave him the opportunity to take part in the event. "He has struck the Q3 and was in the race without a chance against Mercedes," Klien analyzes "In Singapore, when driving down with full downforce, Ferrari should be back on the same level as Mercedes," predicted the Ferrari the Austrian. "This is going to shift from race weekend to race weekend, depending on the distance, and the one who makes the least mistakes will take the most points." Klien Räikkönen, who is fifth and on the track, says "a very weak race" (3,4) finished in 13th place: "He even had trouble getting past Ocon and Stroll." (4) – also because of the balance problems, about which Raikkonen at the Funk complained several times.Positive words finds Klien for surprise man Stroll, who came to the end just just before team colleague Massa, but especially in the rain in qualifying was outstanding: "Mega qualifying, stable race," praises the 34-year-old. "The boy is getting better and better!" Just like on the track, he also came to the finish line in the wind shadow of Ocon … The idea behind our grading is to evaluate the performances on a weekend and especially in the race with grades (1 = Very good, 6 = Insufficient ). External influences, which can not be controlled by the driver themselves, should be removed as far as possible. And so that not only the editorial staff assessed subjectively, as is the case with football magazines, we have created with the readers and the expert altogether three equally entitled pillars.The ultimate driver ranking Italy 2017: 01. Daniel Ricciardo, note 1.4 (Readers 2.2 – Clien 1 – Editorial staff 1) 02. Lewis Hamilton, Note 1.5 (Reader 2.6 – Clien 1 – Editorial 1) 03. Esteban Ocon, grade 2,1 (reader 2,4 – clien 2 – editorial office 2) 04. Lance Stroll, note 2,1 (reader 2,4 – clien 2 – editorial office 2) 05. Valtteri Bottas, grade 2,3 (reader 2,9 – clien 2 – editor 2) 06. Sebastian Vettel, grade 2,5 (reader 2,5 – clien 3 – editorial office 2) 07. Stoffel Vandoorne, grade 3,0 (reader 3,1 – clien 3 – editor 3) 08. Felipe Massa, grade 3,1 (reader 3,3 – clien 3 – editor 3) 09. Nico Hülkenberg, note 3,1 (reader 3,4 – clien 3 – editors 3) 10. Max Verstappen, note 3,2 (reader 3,5 – clien 3 – editors 3) 11. Sergio Perez, note 3,2 (reader 3,6 – clien 3 – editors 3) 12. Daniil Kwjat, note 3,2 (reader 3,6 – clien 3 – editors 3) 13. Kimi Raikkonen, grade 3,4 (reader 3,2 – clien 4 – editors 3) 14. Fernando Alonso, note 3,6 (reader 3,8 – clien 4 – editor 3) 15. Kevin Magnussen, grade 3,7 (reader 4,2 – clien 4 – editors 3) 16. Carlos Sainz, score 3,9 (reader 3,6 – clien 4 – editors 4) 17. Pascal Wehrlein, note 3,9 (reader 3,8 – clien 4 – editor 4) 18. Marcus Ericsson, grade 4,0 (reader 4,0 – clien 4 – editor 4) 19. Jolyon Palmer, grade 4,0 (reader 4,1 – clien 4 – editor 4) 20. Romain Grosjean, Grade 4,8 (Readers 4,3 – Klien 5 – Redaktion 5) And so we calculate: From the average rating of the Motorsport Total.com users, the rating by expert Christian Klien and the grading by our editorial team we average. This is the average of our driver ranking. We make only one comma, but for the calculation we draw all the commas. From these partially invisible commas the order of the rankings of two riders results in the supposed dotting equality. The riders' rally world championship stand 2017: 01. Sebastian Vettel (214) 02. Lewis Hamilton (178) 03. Valtteri Bottas (112) 04. Daniel Ricciardo (112) 05. Fernando Alonso (112) 06. Nico Hülkenberg (95) 07. Max Verstappen (85) 08. Esteban Ocon (62) 09. Kimi Raikkonen (58) 10. Sergio Perez (54) 11. Carlos Sainz (46) 12. Romain Grosjean (44) 13. Felipe Massa (39) 14. Lance Stroll (30) 15. Pascal Wehrlein (19) 16. Antonio Giovinazzi (18) 17. Kevin Magnussen (13) 18. Stoffel Vandoorne (12) 19. Paul di Resta (6) 20. Jolyon Palmer (2) 21. Daniil Kwjat (2) 22. Marcus Ericsson (0) The season's best driver will be awarded with an award for the driver of the year 2017.


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