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Mobile: Refugees do not arrive in online post-ident for AldiTalk

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Gadgets

Refugees should have problems to register themselves with the mobile radio provider Aldi Talk. This is reported by the Consumer Center of Lower Saxony, citing complaints from those affected. The provider AldiTalk uses video and post-identification procedures and also accepts Syrian passports. Other providers already have problems with foreign passports.

AldiTalk is the market leader in prepaid cards with an estimated seven to eight million users.
"Refugees have reported to us as refugees were unable to activate the SIM cards purchased from Aldi," said Marvin Momberg, project coordinator for consumer protection for refugees at the consumer center. According to the law, passport and identity documents, as well as residence permit, proof of arrival, as well as a certificate of resettlement or the suspension of deportation are permitted. "In the postal and video identification procedures used by Aldi Nord, documents such as the residence permit can not be read because the font seems to be too small," explained Momberg. However, many refugees did not have a passport or ID card so they could not activate the SIM card.
Problem not with AldiTalk
However, according to Telefónica spokesman Florian Streicher at the request of Golem.de, the problem is not with AldiTalk: "The limitations mentioned by the consumer center in the prepaid admission are not in the sphere of influence of AldiTalk. Like many other prepaid providers, with well-known cooperation partners who carry out the postal or video identification procedure. "

Foreigners who have a passport or a foreign identification card can usually use it for identification, Streicher emphasized. Alternatively, the identification can also be carried out with an e-stay, the residence permit with a chip via the Video-Ident procedure or in the area of ​​Aldi Süd at the cash desk.
Streicher: "Together with our service providers, we are working to expand the services for prepaid identification – and thus the range of accepted documents – in the coming months". The regulatory requirements should always be observed.
Since 1 July prepaid cards have to be registered, the buyers have to identify themselves. Golem.de had tried the registration by online postident procedure, which also proved to be time-consuming and unstable with a German passport. Including reboots, we needed about half an hour to complete the process.


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