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Mobile Marketing: Adsquare launches DataAlliance

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Gadgets

The mobile specialist Adsquare establishes its own data alliance. The merger of data providers aims to provide mobile target group information to advertisers. For this purpose, deterministic data are enriched by third-party data from App Publisers. The Adsquare Data Alliance segments are then made available through their own self-service Audience Management Platform, but also via DSPs and DMPs.

          Tom Laband, Managing Director and co – founder of Adsquare, sees the Data Alliance as an alternative to the Walled Gardens offerings from Google and Facebook: "Currently, advertisers can only book audiences in combination with given environments provides them in bundled form for programmatic advertising. " Adsquare is claiming to select providers with "particularly high-quality data" from its data exchange. The deterministic data comes from app publishers who want to monetize it but do not appear. Adsquare believes that through the combination and continuous optimization, a "unprecedented level of quality" can be offered. pap





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