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Miracle weapon rain: Red Bull annoys Mercedes teams in Monza

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Sports

02. September 2017 – 6:53 pm

Max Verstappen went into the first row in Monza, but starts from the seventh

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(cafetheology.org) – Actually, the Red Bull pilots would not have been driving in Q2 in the face of the drastic dislocations, but the rain had allowed the bulls to once again legitimate hope. For example, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were involved in the delayed Monza qualifying until Q3. The two Red Bull drivers were serious candidates for a pole position, which they would never be able to tackle because of their penalties. At the end of the day, the Royal Park was ranked two (stadiums) and three (Ricciardo) for the team around Christian Horner. Against the superior lap of Lewis Hamilton, who took the best time with a remarkable 1.148 seconds lead, even Regenmeister Max Verstappen was powerless. Nevertheless, Red Bull brought a result that the entire team could only have dreamed of. In the dry this performance would not have been possible and it is also a surprise in the wet. (Result of the Formula 1 qualifying from Monza) The reason for this is very much Helmut Marko: "The performance of our two drivers is all the more remarkable because we drove the lowest possible output configuration that our car allows at all." While many others – Marko, especially Lance Stroll – had much more downforce on the car. The vote with flat wings took place with regard to a dry race, with the Red Bull further. It is well-known that rain is a lot of downforce, which is why the strong presence of both Red Bull pilots can be regarded as a surprise. Strengths on all types of riders – whether Intermediates or Regenreifen – Max Verstappen was in top shape in all three qualifying segments. In the meantime, he complained that he would not get the Intermediate tires on temperature, but he still sorted himself regularly behind the superior Mercedes. In Q3 the cards were mixed again on the Starkregenreifen. "I slipped a lot there and did not have so much grip in the third sector," Stappen is not quite satisfied with the balance of his car. "I've cooled the tires and everything went well in the last run." The wage: 1: 37.702 minutes and second place. "I am satisfied with that," the 19-year-old beamed. "In the end, we did a very good job of driving this pack to second place. It was nice to be back in the rain." Ricciardo 's miraculous resurrection in Q3 Daniel Ricciardo was just the other way round Intermediates. "Q1 and Q2 were terrible because we had problems with the longitudinal grip, it just felt as if we had slicks on it," says the Australian too little adhesion when braking and accelerating. In Q3 everything went better and he even held in the meantime the best time. "We got a better rhythm and the tires seemed to have more grip," he explains the much improved form on the rainwater for much water. "Already at the Outlap I had much more liability than in Q1 and Q2. It was just another car." In the end, he had to beat himself by only 0.19 seconds against Regen-Wunderkind starboard, yet this was already his ninth qualifying – Season of the season. He takes it easy: "It was very close at the end – not with Lewis, but with Max and also Lance (Stroll) behind us." In any case, places two and three have only statistical value, because the two Red Bull drivers have to start from the back seats in the race – staking position 15, Ricciardo of 19.Marko weathering against penalties and waiting time "It is no great starting position, but it should be possible to get back into the points, "predicts Stopping. "Of course, it's a pity for me personally, because I would have liked to start there." Both riders are striving to get back on the pits on Sunday. Dry conditions are important for the race. This should theoretically be a disadvantage for Red Bull, but the low-downforce set-up could still turn out to be true. "Some of them have been racing with Monaco," says Helmut Marko. "There's a lot to be done tomorrow." The 74-year-old is taking advantage of the opportunity to make a point of his displeasure about the criminal disputes: "I can not even enumerate what we're all being punished for For this, you should introduce an engine rating and deduct the points. " In any case, it costs much more to distribute the development to four engines per season, for example, to seven, he added with regard to the strong limitation of the number of engines per season. Even surprisingly he can not win much of the long waiting period: "It was Conditions at certain times, where it would have been reasonable and technically justifiable to carry on at least Q1, soon we have American conditions and do not drive at all when we go so far , we have the best cars and we have extreme weather tires that can push this water out. " Numerous fans may have been of the same opinion on that afternoon of racing …


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