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Microsoft: Windows Defender ATP becomes clearer

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

Microsoft has released the new version of Windows Defender's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) as a preview. The final version of the Windows virus protection for business customers is to come with the case Creators Update mid-October 2017. The focus is on clarity and analysis tools. In addition, Microsoft integrates new prevention techniques from Windows 10 into the product.

    Related messages are displayed in a tree structure. (Image: Microsoft)

In the Windows Defender Security Center, alarm notifications from client PCs monitored by Windows Defender Smartscreen can be viewed centrally. Notifications appear to occur when a user clicks URLs despite warning.
Events sent by Windows Defender Device Guard can also be viewed centrally by the administrator. This happens, for example, when an application not allowed in the company is opened by an employee. This also applies to programs that have been blocked by firewall rules.
More usable data for security teams
According to Microsoft, Windows Defender improves ATP in the data it displays. IT security teams should be able to better understand an attack and its course. For this purpose, contiguous notifications are arranged in a tree structure. Administrators can also assign high-value assets (HVAs) to tags and groupings.

    Individual reports can be created. (Image: Microsoft)

A new dashboard is also introduced with the Case Creators Update. The number of accesses and their type, suggestions for improvements and a general security score of the company are displayed in diagrams. The dashboard collects the data from multiple security products that build on the Microsoft Security Stack. It is also possible to create a security report for Microsoft's analysis software Power BI.

A Windows Defender programming interface is also designed to automate all these processes. The new ATP version also supports other Windows sockets, including Windows Server 2012R2 and 2016, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for virtual machines.


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