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Microsoft: Original version of the Xbox One is no longer sold

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Gadgets

Microsoft does not sell any new Xbox One anymore – it means only the original version of the console, the smaller variant with the name addition S (Slim) is still available. The device is no longer available in the German and North American company headquarters, and a report on Kotaku.com has recently shown that it is out of print in the UK. Production has apparently been somewhat longer.

So there is currently only the S version, which Microsoft had released in late 2016. In the trade are currently for the white, relatively small device at the time around 230 euros. On 7 November 2017 Microsoft wants to publish the particularly powerful Xbox One X for approximately 500 euro. The previously available contingent is sold out both in Microsoft itself and in the online trade.
There may not be many players who regret the end for the original version of the Xbox One (test on Golem.de). The large housing fits badly in shelves, in addition, the attached to a relatively short cable attached external power supply. Unlike the S, the classic variant can not represent 4K videos.

The original version of the console came on the market in 2013. The device had a rather heavy start: It was at a price of around 500 euros at least 100 euros more expensive than the almost simultaneously available Playstation 4. There was, however, the motion control Kinect with it – however, understood that many players as an unintended force, especially For the actually not so bad camera system hardly really interesting applications.

From the summer of 2014, the One gave Kinect for 400 Euros without Kinect, in the meantime Kinect practically plays no more role in new games and in the community. Also for the Xbox One S and X are no Bundles available, separately however the device is still available for around 80 euros.


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