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Michelin: wind and weather as the biggest worry in Silverstone

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

August 24, 2017 – 16:34
The long and fast course in Silverstone requires drivers and tires a lot – Michelin expert warns particularly against treacherous weather conditions

On the fast course in Silverstone the MotoGP bikes can go to the limit

© Michelin

(cafetheology.org) – Silverstone is not only a highlight for many fans in the MotoGP racing calendar. Also, most riders count the British tradition as one of their favorite routes. In addition to the pilots and teams, this also poses a special challenge for tire manufacturers, Michelin, with a length of 5.9 kilometers and a layout. Because Silverstone is the longest and also one of the fastest courses in the Motorcycle World Championship. The average speed last year was 172.1 km / h. The measured topspeed was 332.4 km / h. The layout is characterized by 18 predominantly fast curves, ten of which are right, eight link curves. For this reason, Michelin also provides some asymmetric tire blends in Silverstone. Under the soft, medium and hard options, the soft front tire and all variants of the rear tire are asymmetrical. In this case, the rubber is softer on the left flank to get faster temperature in this side of the tire and give the drivers the necessary feeling To mediate. Michelin Motorsport's Piero Taramasso also commented, "The circuit is very open, with a few heights of difference, so wind can become a problem and let the asphalt surface cool down." This makes the tire management all the more difficult.

The Silverstone Circuit is a very technical circuit with its 18 corners

© Michelin

Add to this the unpredictable, often typical British weather in Silverstone. "We have to be prepared for all eventualities, and at Silverstone it can get very hot at this time of the year," warns Taramasso. If it's raining, Michelin has always taken care of it: the MotoGP riders can choose from two rainbike options, extra soft and soft. Both versions are available in front and rear and are symmetrically designed.


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