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Michelin offers special "Misano tires"

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

07 September 2017 – 13:28
Although the MotoGP pilots in Misano are always available with three tire mixes in front and behind, once again soft offers Michelin twice medium

At the Grand Prix of San Marino Michelin relies on an extra medium tire

© Michelin

(cafetheology.org) – At the Grand Prix of San Marino 2017, MotoGP tire equipment Michelin will be taking a different course this season for the first time. If the French offer the pilots usually the tire mixes soft, medium and hard, stand this weekend instead of a soft two medium options as well as a hard variant available. This means that Michelin will be able to counteract the high temperatures and the aggressive asphalt of the track. As usual, you can choose between three different front and rear tires, only in a slightly different composition than usual. The design of the conventional medium front tire and the hard front tire corresponds to this the one with whom Mugello has been driven. The other medium mixture is a special "Misano tire". The "Misano tire" has already been tested this season and has proven to be functional in the same structure but with a different profile as early as 2016 from Michelin. While all the front tires are asymmetrical, the rear tires have been given an asymmetrical design to accommodate the layout of the route in Misano. It has ten right and six link curves. Correspondingly, the rubber on the right flank of the rear tire is somewhat harder. It is also available in the additional medium version, which according to Michelin is a little faster than the standard version. As with every Grand Prix, there are also rain tires, which are present in Misano in a soft and medium mix. In this case, only the medium rear tire is designed asymmetrically.Michelin motorcycle sport boss Piero Taramasso explains the biggest challenges in Misano: "It is a difficult and complicated course, because the motorcycles spend a lot of time in an extreme slant can create high tire temperatures . " With positive experiences from the previous year and a successful test a few weeks ago, however, you have a good data base, "to start solidly in the weekend".


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